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Definition Essays

No description

Rebekah Harris

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Definition Essays

Definition Essays
explaining the ordinary in your own words
Think Critically
Move beyond
the dictionary
What does the word mean to you?
How has our culture/society shaped how you feel?
Based on personal experience
& class discussions, how
do you define a hero?
The definition of a hero goes beyond the superficial stereotype of a superhero in tights and a cape; rather, a true hero is an ordinary human being, noble and self-sacrificing, who puts the needs of others first.
Start with something
about your topic that
reflects your generation.
present a brief scenario
or pose a thought-provoking
State the importance of the topic.
Include your thesis statement,
which will include your definition.
Why should your
audience trust your
opinion alone?
Use details from pop culture or literature to support your definition.
Use details from current events
personal experience.
Use characters
Steve Rogers became Captain America because of his noble behavior and courage as a regular soldier.
More than a restatement of
the thesis statement.
Use historical fact.
My grandfather was a decorated WWII veteran but never bragged.
Spice it up!
What have you learned
about heroes through current events, pop culture, literature, and your own life?
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