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chapter 9

No description

Honeylyn Gandeza

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 Highlight of the topic Rizal bound for Dapitan Rizal and Ricardo Carnicero Rizal Bound for Dapitan
Rizal and Ricardo Carnicero
Rizal's Sadness while in Exile "Cebu " arrived in Dapitan in the evening of
July 17, 1892. Upon arriving at the town, Rizal was met by Ricardo Carnicero, the politico-militarycommander of the district. He was given two objects where to settle, either to stay at Carnicero's house or at the Jesuit Mission house. Ramon Despujol personaly visited Rizal in fort Santiago informing him that he would be taken to Dapitan. It was 10:00 in the evening of july 14 that he was scheduleed to leave the fort.
his escorts however, did not arrive in the appointed time. Rizal was taken to the fort using the palace coach that brought him to fort Santiago. it was the ferryboat "Cebu" that would take him to Dapitan. General Ahumada, together with several persons, were present at that past midnight where Rizal board the ferryboat. finally at one o'clock in the morning, the ferryboat left the port bound for Dapitan. At the ferryboat Rizal was given a special treatment as if he was a high ranking official. The captain gave Rizal a prime cabin marked as "jefes" which means commanding officers. He was guarded by a sentinel and a corporal. He ate his meals at the officers mess and the Captain personally accompanied Rizal in going around the deck of the ship. Rizal opted to stay at the house of Ricardo Carnicero. the letter was given the duty to oversee the activities of Rizal and with instructions to report to the Governor General. the spanish Commander knew that Rizal was not an ordinary deportee, and so placed him under close surveillance. But owing to the natural charisma of Rizal, he and Carnicero ended up being good friends. Rizal was grateful to the kind treatment he received from Don Carnicero. Carnicero allowed Rizal to go around the town. He required him to report only one week. The two usually eat together at the house of Carnicero. The latter came to know more of Rizal with their frequent conversation. In, fact in the first report of Carnicero to Governor General Eulogio Despujol, he reproduced one of his conversations with Jose Rizal. In that report dated August 30, 1892, he asked what reforms Rizal would like for the Philippines. Rizal answered what Carnicero wanted. The entrapment, His exile, and love w/ Josephine Bracken in that same conversation, Rizal was also asked if he favored in the negative. The report was an opportunity for Rizal to let the Government knew the political reforms he wanted for the Philippines. For sure, he knew that whatever he would say to Carnicero whould reach Governor General Despujol. On September 21, 1892, Carnicero submitted another report to Governor General Despujol. This report contained two or more reforms that Rizal wanted. These were freedom of religion and of the press. Rizal sadness while in Exile Rizal's exile in Dapitan gave much sadness to him as well as to his family. He failed to spend time with his family since his arrival from Hong Kong. It was only his sewcond homecoming then, while being away for many years. Now being alone in Dapitan, Rizal felt that he had been separated again from his love ones. Rizal wrote to his mother in Hong-Kong, his first while exiled in Dapitan. In that letter dated July 25, 1892, Rizal expresses his profound happiness. The letter reads....: In these days of lack of communications, travel and deportation, I'm greatly distressed thinking of you, and for this reason I hasten to write to you to tell you that I am well here as if I were on vacation in this politico-military district. I dont miss anything except the family and freedom His agony was further aggravated because he was uncertain as to how long he would stay in Dapitan as deportee. The Governor General gave no pronouncement as to when he would be freed. Don Ricardo Carnicero likewise could not give a precise date when Rizal could leave Dapitan. Rizal told her mother "i still do not know how long I shall be in Dapitan." This letter he wrote at the same day he was brought to Dapitan from Fort Santiago on July 14, 1892.
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