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StoryLab Transmedia Storytelling Workshop

Alessandro Nanì

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of Transmedia

Media Convergence
Engaging your audience in times of

Cross-media Communications are integrated, interactive experiences that occur across multiple media, with multiple authors and have multiple styles.

The audience becomes an active part in a cross-media experience.
It is experiences that can occur across the Internet, video and film, broadcast and cable TV, mobile devices, DVD, print, and radio
Alessandro Nanì

Davidson, D. et al. (2010). Cross-Media Communications: An Introduction to the Art of Creating Intergrated Media Experiences. Pittsburgh: ETC Press.
We could trace a main opposition between crossmedia and transmedia storytelling: The first one would spread core content across complementary media and the second would articulate original narrative universe on different media (Tv, internet, radio, mobile, print, tablet, etc.), which bring new and complementary perspectives on the universe characterizing multiple entry points into the story
"a story [that] unfolds across multiple media platforms,
with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the whole.

In transmedia storytelling, each medium does what it does best, so that a story might be introduced in a film, expanded through television, novels and comics; its world might be explored trough game play or experienced as an amusement park attraction ”
Engagement occurs when an individual or group undertake tasks related to their interests and competence, learn about them continuously, participate freely with (equal) associates, immerse themselves deeply, and continue the task with persistence and commitment because of the value they attribute to the work
Engagement is a comprehensive term that includes an emotional attachment, hence a psychologically favorable state of mind, and some forms of physical involvement
Marcum J W 2011 - Forget Motivation: It's Time to Engage
Renira Rampazzo Gambarato
Signal towards another medium – the means through which various narrative paths are marked by an author and located by a user through activation patterns
Migratory cues
Gary Troup
Comic books
Parks & events
Alice in Wonderland
In Marketing
In social campaigns
Or as an hybrid form
Media Convergence
By convergence, I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behavior of media audiences who would go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they wanted
Henry Jenkins 2006 - Convergence Culture. Where Old and NewMedia Collide
Pro- active
Building an experience
The narrative (script) is structured from the beginning having in mind the importance of leaving multiple entry points facilitating spreadability across platforms
When the experience is built from a given narrative
Media convergence both as Crossmedia production or Transmedia storytelling are not just a current reality, they are growing practices departing from Hollywood and touching peoples' everyday life

Ready for the challenge ?
Thank You!
Alessandro Nanì
Lecturer of Crossmedia Production
Tallinn University - Baltic Film and Media School
Image: Carlos Alberto Scolari
Ruppel, M. (2005) ‘Learning to Speak Braille:Convergence, Divergence and Cross-Sited Narratives
Image: Carlos Alberto Scolari
Gary Troup dying in the
TV series
His manuscript in the series
The author as a real person:
interviews with the author about his were made before the release of the TV series
The book was really
A TV series character or a real book author?
Source: Google 2012: The new multi-screen world study
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