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No description

Drew Carroll

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Architecture

Cabin Wing: Build barn right across with gravel parking area. First place to enter when coming in from hunt. Mudroom, showers, deer office, small sitting area with tv, gun afe, fishing rod racks, all deer mounts.
Breezeway door goes to outdoor stone patio area that connects to door of main house.






Welton's Neighbor
Eagle seed soybeans, corn, peanuts, sunflowers, millet.
Chicory/clover, oats/wheat, brassicas: rape, kale, turnips.
*Feed Purina antlermax in Boss Buck feeders from end of hunting season until spring foodplots are established.
Put wire exclusion cage in every foodplot to monitor use.
Attraction Plot: peanuts in middle, surrounded by 20 yard strip of sweet corn, perimeter of plot planted in oats and wheat and row of persimmon, apple, pear, chestnut, and sawtooth oak trees.
Plot Preparation
Step 1) soil test for lime and fertilizer
Step 2) mow plot
Step 3) one week later spray with roundup
Step 4) one week later heavy disc
Step 5) one wee later spray with roundup again
Step 6) wait one week after last roundup application
before planting.
Step 7) disc with finishing disc
Step 8) apply lime and fertilizer
Step 9) drag with chain harrow
Step 10) cultipack
Step 11) spread seed
Step 12) drag and or cultipack again
*Step 7-12 can be done the same day
Tractor Implements
leinbach 8' cultipacker
Tractor supply 8' chain drag harrow
yetter flex 71 4 row planter: midwest wildlife
Fimco 60 gallon utility sprayer
Earthway Atv spreader
Mast Trees
Sawtooth Oak
American Persimmon
Dunstan Chestnut
covered tractor attachment slots on backside
main tractor garage on side
boat and vehicle doors
loft for feed and seed storage
game vault walk in deer cooler
built in pressure wash station
diesel and gas pump tank
2 deer hangers with hose hookup
dog kennels with fenced dog run
Work Area: workbench, tool drawers, vice, panel saw, circular saw, gun cleaning station, gun vice.
*Large 20+ acres
*Greg Grimes Lakework
*rain garden in feeder creek to clean water
*have different section of pond in different types of structure
*flooded timber in creek arm
*boulders, riprap, rock piles gravel, pea gravel, concrete slab, sand in one section.
*laydowns, stumps, wood pallets in one section.
*underwater humps, ledges, channels.
*lily pads, underwater short grass, bank bullrush.
*long pier with covered boat slips, sundeck, tv, speakers, drink refridgerator.
*boat ramp
Decorative Trees
tulip poplar
autumn blaze maple
live oak
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