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Unit 2 Lesson 3: Factors affecting participation in Sport & Physical Activity

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Mr Whelan

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2 Lesson 3: Factors affecting participation in Sport & Physical Activity

Factors affecting participation in Sport & Physical Activity
Learning Objective:
To learn about the factors which influence participation in sport so that we can evaluate participation levels among different user groups.
Starter Task:
- Evaluate the data below. Write a summary of your findings and suggest reasons why there are different levels of participation among different user groups.
Influence #1 - Role Models
Influence #2 - Media Coverage
So what is a role model?
-What athlete do you remember
from London 2012 ?
The public participation of women in sport is still fiercely opposed by many Saudi religious conservatives.

There is almost no public tradition of women participating in sport in the country.
Saudi Arabia is to allow its women athletes to compete in the Olympics for the first time.
King Abdullah has long been pushing for women to play a more active role in Saudi society
Lets refer back to the statistics !!
London 2012 Olympics: Sport England claim participation surge
Figures released by Sport England show that 15.3m people aged 16 and over are playing sport at least once a week, an increase of 500,000 on six months ago and a rise of 1.3m on when London won the bid to stage the Games in 2005-06.
- What is the most popular sport in England? Is this represented in the media coverage this sport receives?

- Do Sport women get the same media coverage as their male counterparts?
And when women do make it into the media we see...
Exam Question
Influence #3 -Family
- How might a young person's family influence their participation in sport. Think of both positive and negative influences.
Positive Influences
Negative Influences
- Financial Support
(Paying for kit, coaching, Training)

- Providing Transport for training or competing

- Parents as role model

- Simply showing an interest & going to support.

- Negative attitude towards sport rather their child focus on academic work.

- Not prepared to spend money on equipment, kit, training ect...

- Not able to provide support.
Influence #4 - Peers
Think about how your peers (friends) have influenced your participation in sport. Maybe you joined a team because of them?
When you are in your teens your peer group is one of the greatest influences upon you and can have both positive and negative effects.
Homework Task:
To produce a report into the reasons for sport drop out among 16-19 year old girls.

Things to include:
- highlight the difference in participation between males and females. (Page 4)
- Suggest reasons why girls do less sport as they get older (Page 11/12/23)
- Suggest reasons why these factors don't have the same effect on boys.

Wimbledon Effect !
Not really focusing on their sporting excellence are we !
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