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Employee Opinion Survey: Headline results

A presentation of results of the 2012 Employee Opinion Survey - all views and analysis my own.

Victoria Livingstone

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Employee Opinion Survey: Headline results

Employee Opinion Survey 2012:
Headline Results
Biennial employee opinion survey.
Previous survey 2010 was updated as the council changed significantly.
Based on four PR&D core behaviours.
Survey questions developed by cross-council group.
Approved by ECMT and circulated to Unions for comment.
Reaching approx 7100 staff.
Approx half have email access.
4,500 printed copies with pre-paid envelopes.
Poster and e-campaign.
Additional distribution through comms champions.
four week response rate was extended for a further fortnight to encourage greater participation.
2136 Questionnaires received -
29% of workforce
Communication: top five scoring statements
My colleagues listen to my work related problems. (7.56)
There is good communication
between me and my colleagues. (7.54)
My team works well with other teams across the organisation. (7.02)
I meet with my manager at least once a month. (7.00)
There is good communication between me and my line manager. (6.95)
Communication - areas that
may require improvement and
Unfamiliar with the council's vision and values. (5.93)
The council has good ways of keeping us informed about what's going on. (5.59)
I have a clear understanding of the aims and objectives of the council. (5.89)
Customer Focus
Customer Focus:
Top scoring statements
I carry out my job using my own initiative. (7.64)
My work gives me a sense of personal achievement. (7.32)
I have some say over the way I work. (7.21)
...clear understanding of how my work fits into the overall aims of the organisation. (6.59)
Customer Focus: areas that may require examination and improvement
I have to neglect some tasks because I have too much to do. (6.90)
My workload exceeds my available resource. (6.77)
Top scoring statements
I have a clear understanding of the purpose of my job. (8.38)
I have the skills and knowledge to carry out my work. (8.19)
I am aware of my health and safety responsibilities. (7.96)
I understand health and safety measures in the workplace. (7.48)
Engagement, satisfaction and morale
I feel motivated to do my best in my job. (7.08)
I enjoy working for Aberdeen City Council. (6.70)
I am proud to work for Aberdeen City Council. (6.29)
Morale is good within my team. (5.66)
Morale is good within the council as a whole. (4.31)
Top scoring statements
I feel trusted... to get on and do a good job. (7.49)
I get help and support I need from colleagues. (7.61)
Respect: areas that may require examination and improvement
I feel I am recognised for the work I do. (5.27)
I am under more pressure than I was last year. (6.96)
I feel I am appropriately rewarded for the work I do. (4.87)
Next steps:
Results of survey presented to line managers briefing, 3 April 2013.
Full survey report will now be published on the Zone, paper copies available for managers and teams without internet access
Survey results presented to Administration
Individual directorate reports circulated to SMTs.
Begin further work and research on priority areas.
External benchmarking, external pressures
Thank you for listening.

Any questions?

Comparison with previous survey
Comparison with previous survey
Comparison with previous survey
Comparison with previous survey
Top seven scoring statements
Bottom seven scoring statements
Knowledge of Management
To summarise
Benefits for working for Aberdeen City Council
Areas identified by some staff as requiring improvement
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