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Should We Legalized Euthanasia In Malaysia?

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Mohammad Fazrul Amin Ramlee

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Should We Legalized Euthanasia In Malaysia?

Should We Legalized Euthanasia In Malaysia?
Intro+Thesis Statement
Ever since the Euthanasia had being introduce, it seems like helping a lot sick people in our point of view. How ever, do we actually ask them is it helping them or not?Of course not.
Body Paragraph 1
Counter Points:
Patient had already felt too much pain especially chronic disease i.e HIV/AIDS,TB (tuber culusis), Lepercy
Refute Points:
With today's technology and zealous doctors, there is constant development in the medical field.
eventually cures would be made
although cures take a long time to develop there is always medicine and painkillers to help the patient
Body Paragraph 2
Counter Points :
Refute Points :
Body Paragraph 3
Cons Points :
Help patient to end his or her suffer due to chronic disease.
Refute Points :
everyone will face a disease
just a reason for a selfish act
back-up point to get rid their unwanted family members
want to inherit the parents' wealth
every disease have a cure except death
example : a liter of tear
Aya had spinocerebular ataxia
every person wants to stay alive
Thesis Statement:
I strongly disagree to legalize the euthanasia in Malaysia because of three major points. The points are cures would be made, can get a financial support and against moral value
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