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Family Support Systems

Rosalie Hall

john davis

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Family Support Systems

Family Support system

John Introduction
Family support System

Rosalie Hall
Phone: (416) 438-6880
Fax: (416) 438-2457
E-mail: info@rosaliehall.com

Mira Nasreen Eleni Bonnie John CHILDCARE SERVICES:

- Provide a facility for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

- Which also includes parenting gatherings and child development education

- Parenting infant attachment assessment and support team is a parent-infant collaboration assessment.
Support of encouraging attachment and development for young families involved in the Rosalie Hall Services

Other childcare services that are provided are:

- Our many community and corporate donors

- Children's Services, City of Toronto

- Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Government of Ontario

- ShareLife through Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto

- The Misericordia Sisters - Service Canada, Government of Canada (Formerly Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)

(www.rosaliehall.com) - Programs and services

- Community outreach

- Counselor services FUNDING:

Rosalie Hall Provides various types of funding towards their services:

1. One time gift: which is every cent of every dollar goes towards there services

2. Tribute Gift: recognizing a unique person or event, by sending them a distinguished acknowledgment or memoriam card on your behalf.

3. Monthly gift: which is where you can donate assisting towards helping young families all year long.

4. Legacy gift:
That involves 5 approaches in funding for families that have been inflicted with a passing of a member.

Services for Rosalie Hall are provided by:
- The community without cost through a lavish support for young families
- corporate donors - ministry of children and youth services, government of Ontario
- city of Toronto - the Misericorida sisters
And by more many more supporters

Does Roselie Hall accept those that are not of Canadian status?

- 1 to 2 cases have come to Rosalie Hall. Due to funding Rosalie Hall can not provide their services. In that case Rosalie Hall will provide them with other resources like finding a lawyer, refugee statues and other agencies relating to their needs. FATHERS INVOLVEMENT:

- Rosalie Hall supports fathers just like they would with mothers.

- Majority that use the services are mothers/women.

- Fathers may access parenting, counselling classes

- When mothers are staying on residence, fathers may visit, however they have a 9:00pm curfew.

- Fathers may not visit if they are threatening to their family or others in the Rosalie Community Community Outreach and Follow –up
Provided by Rosalie Hall:

- Outreach parenting groups are available.

- Follow-ups are not in place.

- Young mothers have a graduation ceremony

- Rosalie Door is open for people who may relapse MISSION “Rosalie hall, with
compassion and respect, assists
young parents in need and their
children to realize their potential
through the provision of wide
range of community, residential,
educational, and child
development services.”
(www.rosaliehall.com) VISION: “We envision young
sinlge women and men, their
children and families, leading
healthy, meaningful and
productive lives. Rosalie Hall Was established in 1914 by
Misericordia Sisters to support
young single pregnant women. Counselling Services

- Community - counselling
- Individual - Family
- Group support Residential Program in Rosalie Hall

Residential Program is available for pregnant and
teen mothers who need housing.
There are 25 beds for mothers and babies.
Teen mothers can stay during pregnancy and after giving birth until the baby turned 1 year old. Rosalie Hall helps young parents in finding housing. Day School Program

- Toronto District School Board and Catholic School Board
- High School programs are available
- Childcare Center is provided Availability
- Service availability
(8:30am to 4:30pm)

- Service availability - Counselling
- Residence - Education
- Parenting groups Accessibility

- Wheel chair - accessible
- Translator support - agency provided
- Child care
- Hours of operation Barriers

Limited stay
GTA Residence picture sources:


Rosalie Hall. (2009). Retrieved from www.rosaliehall.com: http://www.rosaliehall.com/index.php

Sleigh, R. (2012, October 2). Family support Systems. (Mira, Nasreen, Eleni, Bonnie, & John, Interviewers) Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Up next is our video of our visit to Rosalie Hall...
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