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jasmine dubois

on 30 October 2015

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Marriages in the Somali culture are often arranged and occur at the age of 15 or 16. Marriage is highly valued in the Somali culture and if a woman is not married by the age of 16 she is often considered flawed and thought to bring bad luck to her family.
Traditionally, a young man asks the father of his lover for her hand in marriage. If he agrees, the man will then propose
say yes to the dress!
Food and refreshments are served following the arrival of the bride and celebratory drumming & dancing.
alcohol-free due to prohibition in the Muslim faith
it is tradition for the bride and groom to serve fresh slices of just slaughtered Beef to guests.
engagement rituals
The invited guests normally give gifts to the couples as a means congratulating them. The gifts can be in form of jewelry, money and other types of contributions
The marriage ceremony is normally officiated by an Imam. The Imam usually reads from the Quran and gives the couple blessings from the Quran as well. During a traditional Somalia wedding ceremony, the bride and groom give verbal acceptance of the marriage contract and exchange rings they are supposed to keep for the rest of their lives. The rings are a symbol of their unity.
the ceremony
the reception
the bride comes in the reception hall first, walking in slowly with her bridal party that includes her sisters friends, mother and other females present.
The bridal party and the marriage ceremony guests only get to sit down after the bride takes her sit in front of the hall facing the guests.
The groom follows a few hours later with his own groom’s men in song and dance
The couple sits together facing their guests. then cut the cake and serve it to their guests
Somali weddings continue for seven days , the first day is for the wedding and the next three days called “Sadexda” (means third) are for dancing and celebrating in the bride’s house and the last three days is dancing and celebrating in the grooms’ house which is called “Toddobada” (the seventh). these nights, women and men do not celebrate together; . The celebrations start in the afternoon and go on till midnight
A modern Somali weddings held in Europe or USA cost almost $500,000 US Dollars.
fun fact
the reception
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