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Banna Virus (BAV)

No description

Jenna Davis

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Banna Virus (BAV)

- RNA injector
- Double stranded RNA virus that is classified in the Reoviridae and the genus Seadornavirus

: By the bite of a mosquito, cow, or pig
-Not just caused by this virus
-specifically affects the hosts spinal cord and brain
: Fever, severe headaches, seizures, respiratory problems
What does this mean?
- Reoviridae means it is a virus that can affect the gastrointestinal and respiratory system.
- Seadornavirus means that it originated in Southeast Asia
- Cerebral fluid extracted, China 1987
Type of Virus
- aimed at alleviating the symptoms until immune system has cleared the infection
- antiviral and anti-inflammation drugs
-Bed rest
: Hospitalized
- Difficult to detect

- must undergo specific testing/ expensive

-Mimics flu like symptoms
What is it?
More Graphs/ Pictures
Banna Virus (BAV)
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