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Innovative Ideas Forum 2010

highlighting new ideas of interest to libraries and other cultural institutions.

lisa griffin

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Innovative Ideas Forum 2010

Innovative Ideas Forum 2010 technology and the ways people use it in their everyday lives
Dr. Genevieve Bell
whatever happened to the book? resistance is futile: how libraries must serve society by embracing cloud culture, the end of the information age, and inevitable technologial and social trends.
Kent Fitch collections are leaking into the real world. a look at how mobile phones,iPhones, iPads, and augmented reality are changing our use of collections and their place in the world.
Rob Manson
@snailx:TV is reinventing the Internet @snailz: need to pay attention to life stage as well as age - important not to generalise @snailx: conversatios are still happening but in different places @aldellit: tech skills valued in domestic staff in Asia @ohmykidd: Maori claiming Spectrum rights under Treaty of Waitangi @schoolscatinfo: new anxieties about new technologies - is privacy or reputation the real issue? @haikugirlOz: we like to have fragmented identities and different devices - convergence a furphy @we no longer follow flow of newspapers - click it, read a bit, check email, look around @willozap: gotta remember that networks aren't just electronic, they're "society" @snailx: hypertext is changing the nature of reading @restructuregirl: attention spans are not dropping just changing, bite sized chunks for info. @restructuregirl: we do more reading today than we did 10 years ago. because it's digestible doesn't mean it's vacuous. @carolgauld: new report on library and info. resources shows cost $4.26 per year per book v. $0.15 per book in hathi trust @restructuregirl: move it to closed access and it only costs $0.86 - just no-one can see it. @birdsey: do publishers see libraries as pirates? 'first sale' is a nuisance - ebook licensing benefits publishers but not libraries and users @carolgauld: resistance is futile, the world is not going to care what libraries do or don't do @CathStyles: Trad. cataloguing focuses too much on the containers and not enough on the content and context. @carolgauld: our catalogues should allow us to link to a Margaret Atwood book to her Twitter feed and blog @Girlwithshoes: books first portable media device @ker_k: collections are dissolving and leaking into the real world @snailx: average camera has more power than average user knows what to do with it @restructuregirl: augmented reality is about overlaying info into the real world to augment your experience - a nametag For more information: http://www.nla.gov.au/initiatives/meetings/innovative-ideas-forum http://mob-labs.com @snailx: ebook shouldn't be stuck to what we think of the old book - it should develop in ways that suit the medium @girlfromthenaki: what happens when narrative meets hypertext? can narrative stand up to electronicisation of books? @Girlwithshoes: the new era always looks demonic when viewed from the old. @Girlwithshoes: ipad is 'lean back' technology & does not encourage interaction @restructuregirl: control was important when information was a small resource.. now can move to responsiveness to readers @lyn_hay: library as the platform - consumers collaborate not just consume. @schoolscatinfo: cloud culture, more cultural heritage in digital form, more accessible to more people
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