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Food and Beverages

Fine Dining Etiquette

Locky Law

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages by Locky The basic Table Manner True or False questions: 1. We start using the set of forks and spoons from the inside to the outside.
2. There is no difference between the European and the American when using eating utensils.
3. When eating soup, we scoop soup away from ourselves.
4. We can use the bread knife to cut the bread.
5. We need to keep the napkin neat even after using it.
6. We hold the wine glass by the bowl.
7. Anyone can propose a toast.
8. Some people rap the wineglass to signal for quiet when announcing a toast.
9. It is impolite to toast with an empty glass.
10. It is impolite make phone calls at the table. Entering the Restaurant What are the utensils for? Can you name movies or shows that have the formal
dining scenes? Charger, Butter Plate, Dinner Plate,

Butter Knife, Dinner Knife,

Dessert Fork, Salad Fork,
Dinner Fork, Oyster Fork,

Dessert Spoon, Soup or Fruit Spoon, Soup Bowl,

Red or White Wine glass, Champaign Flute,
Sherry Glass, Water Goblet

Salt Dish, Salt Spoon,

Matching How to use the utensils? Listening Task Watch the video and jot down all keypoints mentioned in the following video in learning to hold a folk the European style and the American style. Sherlock Holmes How does Sherlock Holmes
hold his fork and knife? Which glass is which? Find 5 things that the princess has done wrong. Name of Wines Some famed Italian
& French food Q & A Thank You!
Hope you like my lesson!
See you again next time!
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