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technology in the future

No description

keira steele

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of technology in the future

TV in contact lens-Experts believe the continuing development in the ministration of technology will result in tiny TV screens that can be simply popped onto the eye like a contact lens, becoming commonplace within the next decade
communication in the future
holographic TV on your wrist It shows you your health, shopping list ,games ,reminders, text messages and many more other apps in the air which is of projected your wrist.
technology at home
At home you could have a little robot to clean your house so you don't have to also a massive ipad that can be displayed anywhere in your home.
future phones
technology in the future
wearable technology: The Cicret Bracelet.
With the Cicret Bracelet, you can do whatever you want on your arm call people, text, play games, go on social media. Anything.

Aging or visually impaired loved ones wouldn't have to give up their independence. Time spent commuting could be time spent doing what you want to do with the self driving cars which can take you anywhere you wan to go.
So, instead of operating dozens of separate flights, perhaps airlines could have giant aircraft carriers. Smaller aircraft could dock on them for most of the journey – perhaps using vertical take-off and landing techniques – then be deployed on more localised shuttle service at either end of the trip.

The size of these new-generation aircraft carriers might even open up to new possibilities for the type of energy that could be used to power them

your phones could control everything in your house the heating, lighting, appliences.
phones keep on evolving so think about what future phones look like what apps they will have and the quality.
If you like the phone you have now you will like the phones in the future.
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