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Web Quest

No description

shane springer

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Web Quest

Double click anywhere & add an idea Student Athlete- is a high school super star, all American, every prestige he can get he has accomplished. He is the number 1 recruit in the nation and is on all the major schools recruiting boards. Sleazy recruiter-Glenville has many NCAA recruiting violations. They offer there student athletes money after their full ride scholarships. (Illegal!) They are under very close watch of the NCAA and if they are caught again they will be made to force to forfeit games that they won that those certain players that broke those rules played in Good recruiter- FSU a school that has a clean record. Doesn’t offer their players anymore than a free education and a chance to win the WVIAAC title every year. They are a very honest and straight forward school. No chance of forfeiting games and no cheating here. Parent (Dad) - just wants the best for his son. Really would like him to stay in state but wants him to do what makes him happy, even if it is with a rival school that he hates. Sudent athlete
1. Where does he want to go to School?
2.Which School is better morally, football program, and academics?
3. Which schools fits the student athlete better?
4. Which School offers the better scholarship?
Sleezy recruiter
1.Do you want to play now?
2.Do you want to get money?
3.Do you want to win no matter what!?!
Good recruiter
1.Do want to win the right way?
2.Do you want to be a all around good person?
3.Do you want to graduate college?
4.Do you want to have a good job if football doesn’t work out?
Parent (Dad)
1.What school do you like best?
2.Where do you see yourself playing ball at?
3.Which coach do you like best?
4.Which Program do you think has a better chance winning?
Congratulations your senior year has been a huge success! Your Phone has been ringing off the hook from recruiters from every major school in the conference. FSU, State, Charleston, West Lib. You name them, they have called you! The only problem is all the offers sound so good you can’t make up your mind.
After months of carful and thinking and planning you have it narrowed down to two.
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