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Open Look at Open Source – Legal Aspects updated

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Eran Bareket

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of Open Look at Open Source – Legal Aspects updated

What is Open Source?
Isn't it "Free" Software?
How common is Open Source usage?
Should I be afraid? Is it contagious?
Copyright in a nutshell:

- Some acts require permission by the
copyright owner

- You receive permission:
o Under the License
o Under some provisions of the
Copyright Law (fair Use)
Attribution vs. Copyleft

Use it but give credit

Apache, BSD, MIT and more...

GPL, LGPL, MPL and more...

You got it from us - give back when you distribute a "Derivative work" (?!?)

Some of the concerns - Virality, Patents, Reverse Engineering.

And what if I do not distribute (internal use / Cloud)?
I want to use Open Source - What do I do?

1. Understand it!
2. Follow the POLICY
3. Manage your suppliers
4. Check your out-licenses/agreements
5. Document Open Source use
6. Teach your team
I am using Open Source, but I did not take it seriously... How do I address this?
What if i do not follow
the Open Source Policy?

Due Diligence
A warning letter (Recognition/enforcement/money?)
Litigation (!!)
Eran Bareket, Adv.
Gilat, Bareket & Partners

An Open Look at Open Source
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