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A Masterpiece

the story of Joyce DeLuca

nico DeLuca-Verley

on 16 January 2010

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Transcript of A Masterpiece

At a young age, Oma wanted to play the piano
and become a concert pianist. This is a picture of Oma when she was in highschool Later on in my granmother's life, she was a nurse,
she got her degree in nursing at Boston College.
after years of nursing, she met my grandfather,
Frank DeLuca. He was a surgen who worked in the ER
in the hospital where Oma worked. she still has blonde curls A Life Time of Stories This is a picture of my Grandparents on
their wedding day. They are still married today. They have their first baby Their first baby was Beth Anne. Their second was Francine. then came the twins, Michele and Denise. And last, Tom. This is a picture of my grandmother and
grandfather. They look like this right now. The Writing Process I think that because i drew out the organizer on prezi,
that really helped me create my paper. This showed me
that before i write anything, it helps to organize my papers
in image form. I feel like doing this essay helped me uderstand the concept of showing not telling. I used stories to explain who my grandmother is instead of telling who she is. This seemed to be much harder, but I feel my essay was stronger because of it.
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