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First Day of High School English

Presenting Class Policies & Procedures

Julie Dupuy

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of First Day of High School English

Bathroom rules:
You will need to bring:

Curiosity and a desire to learn
A good attitude
A willingness to improve your writing
A desire for excellence

For your success...
Be prepared every day
Be on time and stay in class
Never say “I can’t” (even when it’s hard!)
Respect my stuff and I’ll respect yours
Give me your very best every day.
Strive for EXCELLENCE!

Mrs. Dupuy
Married 31 years
1 son, a daughter and son-in-law
15th year teaching
Favorite movies: Steel Magnolias,
Favorite author: Harlan Coben
Favorite music: Jazz, R & B, Big Band
Favorite colors: Pink, sparkly
WELCOME to High School English
I promise..
I will teach with no distractions.
I will give you my very best every day.
I will treat every student as a unique individual.

One last thing...
and take
Interrupting or speaking when someone else has permission to speak

I want us all to learn how to communicate effectively and be mature. This is one way I can help you grow and learn.

Using "put down" words is unacceptable.

Even if you use it in your everyday language and it isn't negative to you. (This is simply a matter of making sure that we all understand the need to be sensitive to others being offended by language, even if you aren't.)
Asking for directions once I've already said what we are to do.

I want all of you to sharpen your listening skills, and I also want to have my time used efficiently.
Obviously, basic School Policies apply to my classroom. Here are three things that for me to be able to teach and to protect your right to learn, I will not allow in my classroom. I will be very strict about these.
Basic Rules
What goes around, comes around.
o Loose leaf paper
o Binder with dividers
o Post it notes
o Highlighters
o Black pen & red pen
o Pencils
o Index cards

On the screen to be completed daily
Make-ups on the website
Participation Grade Category
Turned in every 4 weeks
Fun Friday Bellringers
Independent Reading
Major grade category
Must read 4.0 or higher
15 points per 9 weeks

Late Assignments - 10% off per day up to 30%
Make up work: Found on my website.
You are responsible for getting your make-up work.
Weighted Grades
Major Assessments 40%
Assessed for Accuracy 35%
Participation/Completion 10%
End of Semester Assessment 15%
Let's Talk About the Rules
Things Not to Ask...
What are we doing today?

It is ALWAYS posted on the board.
What did I miss?

It is always on the website.
Can I checkout/go to the bathroom/get water?

NO! Do this BEFORE you enter my room.
When is this due?
I give you plenty of time. Assume that it is due at the end of the hour unless otherwise stated.
How much is this worth?
Always complete your work to the best of your ability. It should be a matter of pride.
When are you posting grades?

I post them often enough.
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