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HY Dairies

No description

Zav Di Lella

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of HY Dairies

Hy Dairies,

Rochelle Beauport believed she did not get the promotion she deserved.

Sensed that she had been sidelined for being a woman and a visible minority.
Key Information
Alternatives & Criteria
Having meaningful interactions to increase empathy.

Becoming aware of certain biases; false consensus effect, stereotyping, and correcting such biases.

Incorporating a global mindset to help prevent such situations.

Cross-culture training from various organizations.

Increasing self-awareness through formal tests such as the AIT and by applying the Johari Window.

Analysis of Alternatives & Criteria
[Meaningful Interactions]

Have a meeting to communicate her concerns

Allows Syd to clarify the situation

Enables both of them to empathize with each other

Helps clear misperceptions
& Solutions
Presented by:
Matthew Balkissoon,
Zavié Di Lella,
Jessica Mitchell,
Dhruv Naidu
Daniella Rodrigues,
& Edward Vuong.
Case Study Questions
Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong.
Have a one-on-one meeting with Gilman.

Allows Beauport to address her concerns.

Gives Gilman the chance to explain himself.

Creates a meaningful interaction, enabling them to be more mindful with their thoughts & actions in future.
The Johari Window model can be used to stabilize situations like these.

It develops self-awareness, while minimizing perceptual biases & creates mutual understanding.

It is divided into four areas: open, blind, hidden, & unknown.

The purpose is to expand the open, so that you and your colleagues are alert of your perceptual limitations.
Is this process effective?

Does it help clear such misconceptions?

Does it help form a strong understanding between the members of the organization?

Would the members of the organization accept it?

Does it improve the perceptual views of the members in the organization?

No evidence of stereotyping Syd Gilman

Beliefs were based on his personal experience

Rochelle was a visible minority in management position

Her social identity led to misperception of Syd Gilman
What other perceptual error is apparent in this case study?
False-consensus effect.
What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situations?
Improve mutual understanding

Rochelle is responsible for the high increase in product sales and market share.

Rochelle is one of the few minority employees in marketing management.

Syd Gilman has the opportunity to promote her. Rochelle is offered the position of market research coordinator. She is not pleased by this offer.

Gilman assumes she is happy with the opportunity he has offered her.

Rochelle fears the Vice President has sidelined her and does not want a woman in a top management position .

Rochelle has to decide if she will confront Gilman or look for a new job.
[ Biases]

Becoming aware of the false consensus effect & stereotyping.

False consensus effect
: when someone overestimates the amount of people who carry the same beliefs and characteristics as their own.

Gilman thought this career would be a great opportunity for Beauport. Beauport thought differently

: assigning traits to people on the basis of their membership in a social category

Rochelle was found to be stereotyping herself

[ Global Mindset]

Begins with self-awareness by understanding one's beliefs, values, and attitudes.

People become more open-minded and less judgemental

Can be very effective, although may not deliver quick results

Members' perceptual views become improved

Builds a stronger understanding of one another

[Cross-Culture Training]

Allows employees to compare their own mental models with people from other cultures.

Can be effective, but the entire process would be very lengthy & costly

Helps form a strong understanding between staff, but would only slightly help resolve misperceptions.

Members of Hy Dairies would probably not accept this method
[Implicit Association Test & Johari Window]

IAT: tries to detect subtle racial, age, and gender bias by assigning positive and negative words with certain demographic groups

Causes people to be more cautious about stereotyping

Johari Window: model of mutual understanding divides information about an individual into four categories

Helps clear any misperceptions while builds a strong understanding between senior and junior staff members.
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