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Ep 1.1

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Ep 1.1

Establish a Need
Identify a
Series overview:
Episode I: Establishing the Need and Identifying a Solution
Building a Real-Time Connected Factory; a Continuous Improvement Journey
Our Moderator:
Catherine Gutierrez
Director of Client and Partner Relations at Parsec
Identify Problem
What types of challenges does an organization typically face before looking for a software solution, specific to manufacturing operations?
Do they typically look internally, or go to a vendor?
Identify Problem
What first prompted you to implement a software solution?
Were there financial factors to consider when choosing a homegrown solution versus an offering from a vendor?
What drove the need to look for outside help with your Manufacturing Operations Management or MES Software?
How did you identify potential vendors, and what process did you follow in making a selection?
Why did you choose TrakSYS™?
Setting Goals
Our Panelists:
Let’s talk about Capability Maturity for a moment. Can you share how it helps to foster goal setting and benchmarking?
How did you determine the scope and requirements for your initial implementation of TrakSYS™?
Did you evolve and refine these requirements during the implementation?
How did the delivered solution help satisfy operational goals for the company?
Were these achievements repeatable? How did these goals change as you moved forward with TrakSYS™?
Mike Yost
Travis Tomaszewski
Operations Area Manager
Dave Ray
Vice President of Operations
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