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The Scout And Guide Movement

No description

Pete Couldwell

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Scout And Guide Movement

By Pete C, Sam C, Lee D & Sean D
The Scout & Guide Movement
Scope of the presentation
Robert Baden-Powell
William Smith
How and why the Scouts was set up?
How and why the Guides was set up?
Agnes Baden-Powell
The different types of Scouts & Guides
Key Historical Events
How does this relate to Outdoor Ed?
Why was the Scouts set up?
How and why was the Guides
set up?
1907 Experimental camp, Brownsea Island
1908 Scouting for Boys' Part One published.
1912 First Scout Disaster - nine drowned off Leysdown.
1914 Scouts enrol for war service
1941 Death of Baden Powell
1970 Girl guides attend annual Queen’s scout parade for the first time at Windsor Park
1977 Lady Baden Powell dies
1990 Decision (in Principle) to allow girls into the younger sections of the movement
1993 Scout law revised slightly as a consequence of the decision to admit girls to all sections
1997 Scout association equal opportunities policy announced
2009 Bear Grylls becomes the 10th and youngest chief scout taking over from Peter Duncan


Image of Scouts logo - www.hambleseascouts.com
Image of Scouts logo - www.darwen-scouts.org.uk
Image of Robert - www.westlothianscouts.org
Information on Robert - Rosenthal, M (1986) – The Character Factory, Baden-Powell and the origins of the boy scout movement
Image of William - www.boys-brigade.org.uk/history.htm
Image of BB logo - www.canveyisland.org
Information on Scouts - Ogilvie, K (2012) - Roots and Wings
Video of Scouts - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1N3
Image of Agnes - www.girlguiding-dorset.org.uk
Image of Girl Guides logo - www.looelions.co.uk
Information of Girl Guides - www.girlguiding.org.uk
Video of Girl Guides - www.girlguiding.org.uk/about_us.aspx
Born – 22nd February 1857 on the North Side of Hyde Park, London

Went to Charterhouse – a Public Boarding school and then joined the Army in 1876

Had a very full Army life, was promoted to Lieutenant-General and became a national hero

He was Vice-President in 1902 of the Boys Brigade

Began the Scout Movement in 1908

Retired in 1910 when he devoted all his time to the Scout Movement

Died in Kenya 1941
Robert Baden - Powell
Born 1854

Boys Brigade was founded in Glasgow 1883

He was knighted in 1909 and became a Sir

Died 1914
William Alexander Smith
How was the Scouts set up?
Types of Scouts & Guides

Beaver Scouts
Club Scouts
Explorer Scouts
Young Leader
Scout Network, Adult Leader

Senior Section Rangers
Young Leaders
Adult Leaders

5 - 8
7 - 10.5
10.5 - 14
Agnes Baden - Powell
Born 1858

Younger sister of Robert Baden-Powell

She was the President of the Girl Guides Association from 1910 - 1917

She served as Vice-President under the President Princess Mary until her death in 1945
The Guides Today
The Scouts Today
6000 girls had registered as Girls Scouts in 1909

The girls 'gatecrashed' the Boys Scout Rally

Due to the demand - Baden Powell set up the Girls Guide Association in 1910

He appointed his sister, Agnes
Baden-Powell as President and later his wife became World Chief Guide
Home from the relief of Mafeking in 1900 very concerned about the humiliation experienced

A training scheme was designed to stiffen the backbone of British youth

Boys Brigade

There was an alarm about the state of the nation's health - in particular the youth

When Scouts began there was a key militarist tone with key military skills, especially coming up to WW1 in 1914
Baden-Powell was able to enlist financial aid from 'contacts' and a publisher

A document released about the suggested 'Boy Scouts'

First Scout camp held in July 1907 with 20 boys from the local Boys Brigade

There was a weekly Scouts newspaper
So... How does this all relate to Outdoor Education
Both organisations were important in the development of the educational use of the outdoors

'Adventure is at the heart of everything we do. It is the single, most important thing that sets Scouts apart'
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