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1. Key Branding questions facing USA Today

No description

Kayla Ponting

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of 1. Key Branding questions facing USA Today

1. Key Branding questions
2. Relationship Management tactics for readers and advertisers
The brand itself
-Began as a just a product, has evolved over time to become a multi-platform source of news and information
-Brand essence: credible, reliable, trustworthy, entertainment, unity
- The core benefit: visual story-telling, an impactful experience and a broad, comprehensive spectrum of credible information.
-The basic product is a concise and straight-to-the-point newspaper.
-Expected product: relevant articles, unbiased reporting, broad news coverage, quality print and thorough distribution
Key considerations/questions

The nature of the USA Today Brand
Branded house
Risks/benefits associated with its brand extensions
Impact of logo redesign
Readers and advertisers:
Relevant segments
Types of relationship tactics that could be considered
Risks and benefits of different tactics
"With every brand is a product, but not every product is a brand."
-David Ogilvy
Brand extensions in a branded house
USA Today- a branded house
Risk-parent brand loses credibility if sub-brand backfires
Benefit-can add value and strengthen the overall parent brand
Cannibalization-not as much a threat as many think, web site extensions can be used to enhance loyalty of print parent brand

Sub-brands, endorsed brands and co-brands
Travel Zone Store
Television network
Heavy use of sub-branding:
Online website-adds value
Travel store and music channel?
Consider endorsed brands-less risk?

Logo redesign
Key recommendations
-How far does USA Today want to go with brand extensions? How far is too far?
-How much attention to spend on older generation?
-Focus on key relationships with subscribers and frequent/large spending advertisers
Relationship tactics for readers
Relevant segments: where should their primary focus be?
subscribers and non-subscribers
Usage: heavy/habitual vs. light/impulse
Iron: Non-subscribing, light users, impulse customers
Possible tactics:
knowledgeable about consumer through leveraging intermediaries /technology
Develop frequency programmes
Create strong recovery programmes
Gold: Non-subscribing, single-copy, heavy/frequent users, habitual, newsstand clients.
Tactics: Increase brand impact through line extensions.
Eg Veja
Platinum: Subscribing, heavy users, loyal, profitable, not price sensitive
Tactics: Loyalty schemes?
Value-adding line extensions
Small, personal shows of appreciation
Tactics to build relationships with advertisers
Segment according to:
frequent/infrequent advertisers
Frequent: Special rates, special treatment eg prime space and discounts for greater volume purchase
Infrequent: Incentives for repeat purchase and greater volume purchase
Segment according to:
Spending potential-reward high spenders with VIP Treatment e.g. front page, first choice etc
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