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Mount Vesuvius

Science project created by Courtney Kascoutas and Milaya Sinnott


on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius By: Milaya Sinnott and Courtney Kascoutas The most recent eruption of Mount Vesuvius was in 1944 Where Mount Vesuvius Erupted: -Province of Naples, Italy -Europe -elevation: 4,203 ft. in Naples Italy -latitude=40.821 N
-longitude=14.426 E
-near by cities-Etna and Santorini, Italy Mount Vesuvius -Mount Vesuvius has erupted before
- 1944 most recent

-Most famous eruption Pompeii
- Killed thousands
-Some of the dates are unknown Dates
26 February 685
27 January 1037??
29 May 1139
16 December 1631
3 July 1660
13 April 1694
25 May 1698
28 July 1707
20 May 1737
23 December 1760
19 October 1767
8 August 1779
15 June 1794
22 October 1822
23 August 1834
6 February 1850
1 May 1855
8 December 1861
15 November 1868
24 April 1872
4 April 1906
3 June 1929
18 March 1944 When Mount Vesuvius Erupted and how long the eruptions lasted
-Saturday, March 17, 1944-Friday, March 30, 1944 is the last time Mount Vesuvius erupted
-the explosion lasted 13 days The Type and Stage of Mount Vesuvius
-Mount Vesuvius is currently active
-the type of volcano Mount Vesuvius is Stratovolcano
(or a composite volcano) Mount Vesuvius erupting How the Earth was affected by the eruption of Vesuvius -The Earth was affected in major ways during this eruption.
- Strings of lava burnt everything
- Lava rocks could be seen everywhere
- Rumblings went through the land
- Everything got coated in black.
- The people in Naples, Italy were affected for 13 days. How and Why Mount Vesuvius was Named:
-there are multiple theories
-theory 1- from the Latin words Mon Vesuvius
-theory 2- Vesuvius means unextinguished
-theory 3- Mount Vesuvius is named for the
folkloric hero Hercules Why we chose this eruption
-We chose this eruption because
we were fascinated by the volcano and wanted to
learn more about the eruption Color codes: purple=Courtney Kascoutas salmon=Milaya Sinnott white=together Bibliography: -(March 29, 2010). Location of Mount Vesuvius Italy.
www.kwintessential.co.uk. Retrieved Febuary 5, 2013,
from www.kwintessential.co.uk/articles/italy/Mount-Vesuvius-Italy/3515 -Jahnige, J. (January 2004). Eruption of Vesuvius
Historica Home. Retrieved Febuary 5, 2013 , from
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Retrieved Febuary 7, 2013
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