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Facebook Page of Nick Carraway

Based on The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tanner Vance

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Facebook Page of Nick Carraway

Work Experience
Recent Photos
Status Update
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Heading Back West. City life just is not my type.
Bond Salesman

Past Jobs
US Military in the Great War
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Yale University
Lives In
West Egg, New York, USA
An Absolute End to the Magnificent Parties
Jay Gatsby
Shared a Photo
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Nick Carraway
Millionaire Murdered
The Great Gatsby Facebook Project
By: Tanner V.
Took Nick to the city. We had a grand time, didn't we, old sport!

Recently Friended
Third Wheeling (super hardcore)
Little houses on the beach
Extravagant people
Jordan Baker (oops)
Status Update
I'm in the city and I just realized, today is my Birthday!
One crazy day. Excited to get home.
You Shared a Photo
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Just moved in to my new home in West Egg. Love It!
You May Know...
Myrtle Wilson
Valley of Ashes
You're a Fan of...
Jay Gatsby
Daisy Buchanan
East Egg, New York, NY
Jordan Baker
Tom Buchanan
East Egg, New York, NY
West Egg, New York, NY
Tom Buchanan
Shared a Photo
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Why you gotta take my girl away?
Daisy Buchanan
What? What girl? I'm not going anywhere
Status Update
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Jay Gatsby
Invited you to an Event
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The honor would be entirely mine if you would attend my little party tonight. I have seen you several times and had intended to call on you before, but a particular combination of circumstances had prevented it.

Tonight at 8pm
Invited Attending
1 213
Daisy Buchanan
A darling cottage Nicky. You'll have to come to dinner sometime. Tom and I would love to have you over.
(Private Messaging)
Daisy Buchanan
I'd be delighted. When?
You Shared a Photo
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Had dinner with my sweet cousin, her husband, and their friend Ms. Baker. Just friended some one new. Guess who. ;)
Daisy Buchanan
I see you took my advice. She is a fine woman.
Want to come to my place for tea?
Daisy Buchanan
I need to mow the lawn. How about tomorrow?
Oh, and don't bring Tom.
Who is "Tom"?
I'll be there.
Qjitr a nght. ; | Drhnk as cn b.

*Quite a night. ; | Drunk as can be.
That's what I meant. oops
Hey, Anybody got a good hangover remedy? (I should really be ready for next time)
Status Update
Just learned about Mrs. Wilson. Poor thing.
Mr. Wilson, I'm sorry for your loss. : (
I hate to say it, but its true. He is gone.
You Created an Event
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Oct. 23
Invited Attending
75 1
Harold the Heartless
Mind if I come and look for my tennis shoes? I think I left them in one of the bedrooms. : /

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Nick Carraway
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