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The Indian independence movement

No description

Aylin Oral

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Indian independence movement

The Indian independence movement
Non-Violence Method
Boycotted British goods

Had always bought their clothing from English industri

Weaved their own clothes (Homespun)
http://thenagain.info/webchron/India/SaltMarch.html http://www.enchantedlearning.com/history/asia/india/gandhi/

Non- Violence method
Forced the British government to loosen their control of India

"Dandi march"/ Salt marching .

Silent protest

Walked 320 km
India's independence movement
World War I 1914 - groups in India offered their loyalty to the British

Mass protests all over the country

Leader "Mahatma" Gandhi - Non-violence protest

400 people were killed
Colonization of India
Vasco da Gama discovered India in the end of the 15th century

First European contact

Trading rivalries brought other countries

Netherlands, England, France and Denmark

Indian states were weakened

Easy to manipulate

England gained nearly direct power
Mahatma Gandhi
Main character in India’s history

Struggled for India’s independence

Born: October 1869

Died: January 1948

 Born in Porbander
London, 1988
South Africa
Bombay, 1915
Colonization - Denmark
Played a minor role in the colonization of India

7 trading posts around India

Tranquebar - sold to the british 1845

Had lost strategic and economic importance for Denmark
Freedom at midnight
Jinnah - Leader of the Muslim League

Muslim vs. Hindus

5.000 died

Created two independent countries (India and Pakistan)´

Midnight on 14 August 1947
Jawaharlal Nehru announced India's independence
Independence day
15.08 1947

Celebrate freedom

Red Fort in Old Dehli

Family members and close friends
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