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Kinds of Constitution

No description

Kris Val Perez

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Kinds of Constitution

Kinds of Constitution
I. As to its origin and history
1. Conventional (Enacted)
2. Cumulative (Evolved)

II. As to its form
2. Unwritten Constitution
constitution where the provisions are NOT contained in a single document. It is written in different documents that are considered as part of the land’s fundamental law.
-Also considered as an Un-compiled constitution.

Advantages of written constitution:
1. References can be made.

2. Able to control arbitrary rule or governance (limits power)

3. Provides a clearly delineated list of fundamental laws and principles

4. Defines the division of powers within a government

5. Allow literate citizens the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their government's laws and infrastructure, increasing the power of individuals.
I. As to its origin and history
II. As to its form
Kinds of Constitution:
Disadvantages of
Written Constitution:
Before amendments can be made it must have been:

Proposed by a majority of two thirds in votes by the House of Congress

Ratified by three quarters majority of all the state legislatures.

It can be altered but cannot easily be change.

When rulers become obsessed with power they try to change some of the rules in order to suit their interest.

Requisites of a
good written constitution:
It must be:
1. Written Constitution
constitution where the provisions are all contained in a single document.
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