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KI wong

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of SEASONS OF LOVE

to SEASONS OF LOVE a sweet day? any gift best represent your love to your dearest? Yes, we are advertising our products here
but we would hope you to spend some seconds to have a look on somethings you might like. Here we have Marc by Marc Jacobs Latin Rings & Necklaces The different latin words on ring has an unique meanings : 1, Nemo Nisi Mors ----- No one but death shall part us 6. Veritas Inlustrat --------- Truth enlightens 5. Serva Me Serva Bote --------- Save me and I will save you 3. Tibi In Omne Tempus --------- For you forever 4. Datum Amore Ad Defend ---- Given in love for protection 2. Inter Nos ----- Between us probably the first 3 would be suitable for valentine's day Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklaces couple's trial plus a ring Special would be that... I LOVE YOU appears when it rotates the prices : size 6 = 1.7cm
size 7 = 1.8cm
size 8 = 1.95cm
size 9 = 2.05cm Marc by Marc Jacobs Latin Ring HKD 100 silver in color 內直徑 內直徑 內直徑 diameter for most girls for most boys Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklaces HKD 270 Length: 45cm Color: Silver or Gold Necklace plus ring : HKD 370 get two sets for a couple Guaranteed all 100% real and 100% new They were all bought in UK n delivered to HK by plane These rings and necklaces are special items in UK, and there are no packing originally.
You can get the small Marc by Marc Jacobs paper bag by adding HKD 10 on any purchase. Purchase on a couple set of Necklaces and Rings will be given a paper bag. (Limited number of bags) If you are interested for choosing
these for your dearest 1. You can visit fb page "Seasons of love"
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Seasons-of-Love/341300872557482?sk=wall 2. Order by email
littlegreentea1@yahoo.com.hk more details and chinese version
i apologize as chinese cannot be typed here Tell the type of goods, size, color, and quantity
leave the contact method and available date Ready the "love" for your half one in this great season
and this is represented by "Seasons of LOVE" Enjoy every great moment
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