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It is popular book "Frankenstain"

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Julia Rob

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of It is popular book "Frankenstain"

It is popular book "Frankenstein", which I read.
Author :Mary Shelley. Publishing house:Oxford University Press
My name: Smiukova Julia. 8A class. School №67
Teacher: Kovaleva Olga Vladimirovna
Mail: ulasik_ish@mail.ru
Phone: 89512158902

5 important artifacts
So,the first thing I want to say is electricity.The main character Victor Frankenstein always wanted to know: how does life begin? After he decided to make dead body alive with help of electricity! It was then that he made a terrible monster, thinking that it would change his fate for the better…And it changed, but is quite the opposite direction

You may ask why exactly stones?I think they planted a seed of hate in soul monster to its creatorбbecause firstly monster didn't understand, that human wasn't ready to see a creature like him.When monster seemed to the people on the eyes, they began to
throwing to the monster ,to insult and humiliate him.So, after that moment he firmly decided to whatever revenge Victor Frankenstein.
Victor had big family and love it a lot. But all family members became mysteriously die they were all someone strangled...So,scientists realized that he avenges his monster.Then he decided to stop it and to protect his family.But the most terrible blow was the death of Elizabeth,she was his sweetheart.It turns out that he begin to look for the creature to avenge favorite, and to protect the remaining
Life and death
The significance of the book is inextricably linked with human life.Monster dreams of happy life, interrupting the lifes of others.
Victor fighting for the lifes of their loved ones,attempts to learn the secret of life.But also linked with it death.Our heroes encounter it. One is struggling with it, the other it creates.Unfortunately at the end of the book never said what beat: life or death,as the scientist was not able to catch the monster. Still I want to believe that the creature stopped bring death upon the earth.
body parts
We know that Victor Frankenstein was a young scholar and he could create the monsters of body parts of dead people using electricity.So it was with Frankenstein.Victor carefully sewed together piece by piece but he did not suspect that created a monster.He also created the girlfriend for the monster, but eventually destroyed it, because he understood that together they will suffer even more fear and death.
The end

I really liked this book because it touches upon the problems of the people who are single, shows how difficult it is for them to live in the modern world. And this book proves once again that we are responsible for those who tamed.
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