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No description

Shiza Haroon

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Smallpox

Smallpox Shiza Haroon Pathogen/ Description The pathogen of Smallpox is the Variola virus. The disease. Smallpox gets its name from the Latin word for "spotted" -> which is referring to all the bumps that rise on your face. The disease kills a good amount of people who get it, and doesn't leave the people that do stay alive unaffected. Picture of Smallpox Structure <- Smallpox Most Effective Vaccine The only way to make yourself immune to Smallpox, is by taking the Smallpox vaccine. The vaccine does not contain the virus, so there is no way for you to get it from it. It is recommended that you get it, and The vaccine contains vaccinia which is a different virus, It is related to smallpox, but cannot cause it. It just helps you build up immunity to it. How does it Spread/Attack? Smallpox spreads through direct contact with the infrected person, or direct contact with something that the infected person has used. It goes through the circulatory system, and via the circulatory system, it attacks your internal organs such as liver and kidney. Symptoms Symptoms of Smallpox are usually a fever over 100 degrees, a headache, severe fatigue, severe back pain, and vomiting/diarrhea. Most Common Victims Anyone that comes in contact with smallpox has the chance of getting infected with it, unless they are immune to the disease itself. All it takes is for them to come in contact with it. So all ages. have chances of getting infected. The disease spreads through the circulatory system, and the victim will get patches on their skin and tongue, so it mostly goes after skin cells. Where is it found? It is mostly found where the infected person has been. In example, bedsheets, cups, blankets. It can infect you very easily. Also, obviously, direct contact with the sick person. Smallpox started in Ancient India, or Egypt. And it also went to the Aztecs in present day Mexico, which caused their empire to decline.
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