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ICT Systems

No description

Joe Hugill

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of ICT Systems

ICT Systems and their Components Joe Hugill What is an ICT System? A procedure that involves Input, processing and output. Which is also know as IPO. Systems don’t have to be on the computer they can be manual systems too. An example of a manual system would be library cards that have book titles on. What is IPO? This is an example of an IPO diagram of student attendance Input
The teacher marking
the student into
school. Also the student
info must be on the
system. Process

After completing the register it is sent to a database where it is stored. Output

When it is needed for either fire drills, or if the student is unaccounted for one lesson the database can be referred to, to see where they are e.g. doctors, dentist or no reason This shows what the input, outputs and processing of a sytem are and how they produce the final output. Components of an ICT system Hardware Hardware is all the physical components that make up a computer system e.g. monitor, keyboard and mouse. Software The programmes that are on the computer it’s self, that are used to run the computer for example Microsoft office or Microsoft Vista. People ICT system are used for people and by people, People specify what is required, and use the information output from a system. These people tell the systems what its purpose is. Data Data is collected from various sources, or is created using a procedure is then coded and structured for subsequent processing by an ICT system. Information Information is generally the output that is received of the ICT system, information distributed to a human recipient from an ICT system could either visual or aural. Procedures Procedures make up an important part of the ICT system they are used in the collection and input of data control of organisation distribution of the data. Procedures are specified to each ICT system. Examples of ICT Systems Cash Machines School Registers Buying online tickets
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