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Automobiles of the Victorian Era

No description

Peter Miklavcic

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Automobiles of the Victorian Era

Automobiles of the
Victorian Era What were the early cars like? Cars of this period were
very slow. The first car only reached two and a half mph! Used steam engines instead of combustion engines. Most were really just motorized horse
carriages minus the horses. Nicolas Joseph Cugnot designed and built
the first real automobile in 1769. It was a large
tricycle that achieved two and a half mph. Sir Goldsworthy Gurney designed a
more efficient steam carriage that could
go 84 miles at seventeen mph in1825. Citations:
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Amedee Bollee designed a group of cars from 1873 to 1883 that could reach 37 mph and could carry six to twelve people. Other Cars:
1894 Daimler (12 mph)

1894 Daimler-Peugot

1896 Peugot

1899 Sunbeamland (14 mph)

1900 Humber

1895 Panhard-Levassor
(15 mph)
Steam engines work by boiling water which in turn compresses the air. This forces the pistons down and then turns the wheels. In 1806 Francois Isaac de Rivaz
designed the first combustion
engine. In 1896 the first flat internal
combustion engine was designed by Karl Benz.
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