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District-Wide PD on Vertical Alignment of Curriculum

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Jennifer Storter

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of District-Wide PD on Vertical Alignment of Curriculum

Proposal for District-Wide PD on Vertical Alignment of Curriculum
Core Content Groups
Math - 12 horizontal groups
PK-K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Alg I & II, Geometry and Others

ELA - 5 horizontal groups
5 & 7, 6 & 8, 9 & 11, 10 & 12, Journalism, ESL, and Professional Communications

Science - 6 horizontal groups
6, 7, 8, Bio, Chem, Phys

Social Studies - 7 horizontal groups
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Misc Courses
Elective Groups
Art - 2 groups
Visual Arts (12 persons)
Performing Arts (17 persons)

Athletics - 3 groups
Elementary, Middle School, High School

C.T.E. - 3 groups
Vocational (15 persons)
Technology (24 persons)
Primary group
Secondary group

L.O.T.E - 1 group (10 persons)
Instructional personnel will gain an understanding of the importance of a vertically aligned curriculum.
Group Outcomes
Each content area will produce a list commonly agreed upon Enduring Understandings.

Each vertical group will produce a document that lists TEKS for selected Essential Understanding.
Individual Outcomes
Individuals will complete an Exit Ticket answering the following question:

Why is a vertically aligned curriculum essential to both student and district success?
Guiding Thoughts
In order for the PD to be meaningful, shouldn't teachers identify their own Enduring Understandings?

Is that something electives could do?

Should Enduring Understandings be the foundation of a vertically aligned curriculum?

Why not have every content identify their own Enduring Understanding?
Coaches' Task
Choose content-specific TEKS that focus on Enduring Understandings

Create meaningful workshops to vertically align chosen TEKS

Determine facilitators for each grouping
Modifications for Specialized Contents
Visual and Performing Arts
Each group will scaffold Essential Understandings by year of study.
Each group will develop their own Enduring Understanding.
Each group will develop their own Enduring Understandings
Technology group will break into primary and secondary for Session 1.
As one group, scaffold Essential Understandings by year of study.
Develop Enduring Understandings for department.
How do we ensure a common understanding of vertical alignment when workshops are not aligned across the contents?

How do we develop meaningful workshops for elective teachers?

Do we have time to train all facilitators?
What would such a day look like?
Breakout Session 1
Horizontal groups work to identify Essential Understandings based on TEKS
Essential Understandings are those concepts or ideas students must master in the grade level

Research Questions:
Do we share an understanding of the word "essential"?
What TEKS should be grouped together?
What is the purpose of each grouping?
What is the goal of each grouping?
Whole Group Session
Content and Elective groups come together to identify Enduring Understandings.
Enduring Understandings are those ideas or concepts that thread through all grade levels in a content and must be mastered to achieve mastery of the content
Breakout groups will post Essential Understandings on the wall.

Research Questions:
Can we group any Essential Understandings together?
Are there any trends that, through discussion, lead to Enduring Understandings?
What is the purpose of each identified Enduring Understanding?

Breakout Session 2
Vertical groups meet to analyze TEKS that support a specific Enduring Understanding.
Groups will isolate a few focused TEKS that facilitate specific Enduring Understanding.

Research Questions:
Do current instructional strategies facilitate understanding in upper grades?
Do current instructional strategies facilitate necessary understanding of foundational skills?
Horizontal Grouping by Content
Learner Outcomes
By shifting the focus from the alignment of specific content-based TEKS to the discovery of Enduring Understandings, the PD
becomes meaningful,
results in a deep understanding of the importance of a vertically aligned curriculum, and
can be effectively facilitated by leaders in various content areas.
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