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How many dump trucks would it take to cart away Mt. Everest?

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Quincy Ford

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of How many dump trucks would it take to cart away Mt. Everest?

How many dump trucks would it take to cart away Mt. Everest?
By:Quincy Ford
I estimated the dump truck bed would be 12x6.5x7 which would equal 546 cubic feet.
Lets also say that Mt. Everest’s volume is roughly 7,250,000 cubic feet
So 7,250,000 cubic ft. divided by 546 cubic ft. equals13,278.4
That means that if these predictions are true, then it would take 13,278.4 full dump trucks to cart away Mt. Everest down to sea level.

Clarifying Questions
Reasonable Assumptions
The mountain would be broken down into a thin, fine powder
The dump truck would only be filled to the rim
The mountain will be knocked down to sea level
I will start from the bottom because it's too dangerous to work from the top and impossible to get the rubble down safely
The rubble would be recycled for other uses
I will assume that all wildlife will have been transported safely away before demolition
I start at 8:00AM and close demolition at 9:00PM
We have demolished Mt. Everest. Congratulations!
Thank you!
Any questions?
The volume of Mt. Everest is 2,638,889 yards cubed
A yard is 3 ft. exactly so 2,638,889 x 3 x 3 x 3=71,250,003 ft. cubed
An average dump truck is 270 cubic feet
The average dump truck driver in these conditions makes on average $21.00/hr.
So 21 x 13=$273.00 a day for every worker
Now, assuming there's one worker for every truck, $273.00 x 263,888.9 dump trucks=72,041,669.7
That means over the whole period of time from start to the final removal of the last pebble of the mountain I will have spent $72,041,669.7 on destroying a magnificent mountain of grace
Quincy-PowerPoint and math
How broken down are the pieces of the mountain?
How full is the dump truck going to be?
What level will the mountain be knocked down to?
Will I start from the bottom or the top?
Where would the rubble go afterward?
What about wildlife?
How much time do I have each day to do it?
New Calculations with Researched Values
So all I have to do now is divide 71,250,003 by 270 (Volume of Mt. Everest divided by volume of average dump truck)
What I got was 263,888.9 dump trucks full of Mt. Everest powder
Original Predictions Compared
So compared to what I originally predicted, I was way off the mark
I originally predicted that the amount of dump trucks it would take was going to be 13,278.4 dump trucks
Now, after having done research on the mountain it self and all of the correct measurements, I have concluded that it would actually take 263,888.9 dump trucks
I realize now that not only did I vastly underestimate the size of the mountain but also did not do the correct multiplication in my prediction
I only left this mistake here to learn from it and never make it again
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