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Celine Dion

No description

Nicole Paulin

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Celine Dion

By: Nicole Paulin
Céline Dion
A Brief Bio
Céline Dion was born March, 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec. Céline is well known for singing, being a songwriter, composer, and an actress. She has been active since 1980-now. Céline's family includes herself, her mother, her father, and her 13 siblings. Céline first became famous at the age of 12 where she sang and recorded herself singing, one of her brothers then sent the recording to music manager Rene Angelil, whose name he discovered on the back of a Ginette Reno Album. She is now happily married to him with 3 kids.


How did she become famous?
Facts on Céline
-Her full name is Céline Marie Claudette Dion
-Céline is the youngest out of 14
- She is 46 years old
-Céline was born in Charlemagne, Quebec
- She has 8 sisters and 4 brothers
-Her parents names are Therese and Adhemar
- Céline plays the piano
-She has 3 kids
Céline Dion had many obstacles to face during a child because of the amount of siblings she has. Still now, she faces obstacles and challenges just like any other normal person would. I think the major challenge that she faced was when a Quebec Magazine once called her "Canine Dion" because of the way they thought her teeth looked, the hardest part of that would be the embarrassment of the whole situation and what people would think about her afterwards. She overcame that obstacle by just staying positive and not caring about what people think about her, she is a very inspirationa; woman.
Some of Céline's songs have been an inspiration to many people because of how the lyrics move them, other people are inspired by her because of her wonderful voice.
When Céline was 12 years old she recorded a demo that she wrote with her mom. She sent the tape to Rene Angelil, who invited Céline to perfrom to him in person and then signed her. At the age of 16, she had released many french albums and won many juno awards. Her breakthrough happened in 1992 when she recorded the beauty and the beast theme song with Peabo Brysen, it sold more than 12 million copies.
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