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Is television a good influence on children?

whether or not television is a good influence on children

robel Efrem

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Is television a good influence on children?

Is television a good influence on children? So the question is "is television a good influence on children?" I think that this topic is pretty controversial, so that is why i am going to talk about the pros and cons about it Pro
On some TV channels there are good educational TV shows that will help you learn as apposed to going to school and having teachers, teaching you. Con
Your child may get to attached and/or addicted to the television while watching non educational TV shows Pro
The TV can also be a good way to relax and take up any extra leisure time after a hard day at school Con
You could get way to absorbed in the TV especial while playing video games Pro
Television can also be interesting. It can take your mind of things and even lower stress. Cons
The TV can sometimes become to mesmerizing and have you completely immersed in it. So over all this is still pretty debatable topic but even after reading how strong both the pros and the cons are you still have to step back and ask your self this..... but seriously, the television is obviously a bad influence. Hello! waste of time?
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