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Shrek: The Hero's Journey

Kristen Kim

kristen kim

on 5 February 2012

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Transcript of Shrek: The Hero's Journey

The Call SHREK The Call The Call Shrek's Known World Shrek was accustomed to and was protected by his usual isolation and privacy. All he has ever known throughout his life is laziness and simplicity. Even his daily routine was always static and only involved eating, sleeping, relaxing, and maintaining his swamp. It was never expected for him to associate with any other creature in a kind manner, because he was considered to be a stereotypical ogre and he managed to play the part perfectly. He was ill-mannered, rude, and completely self centered. By having such a simple and demeaning outlook on life, his knowledge on the world beyond the premisses of his swamp was limited, but at the smae time it protected him from the prejudices he eventually was forced to face. He was feared by humans and people wanted to kill ogres like him and arrest them all for thier protection. Shrek displays his want for privacy and fulfills the "threatening, scary ogre" role People fear ogres and wish to capture them. Then, they want to imprison ogres because they are believed to be menacing, violent creatures. Here a group of men try to capture Shrek since he is an ogre and is considered to be "wanted". Then, Shrek exaggerates the role of a "typical ogre" in order to scare off the men that want to capture him. He does this to ensure that he will maintain his lifestyle and privacy from humans. In this photo, Shrek's desire to maintain his privacy and isolation is deplayed. Shrek's Call to Adventure Shrek chooses to embark on the quest that Lord Farquaad proposes to him. He decides its worth it to rescue Princess Fiona in return for his privacy from fairytale creatures. This "deal" he makes with Farquaad takes place after he has defeated all the knights who had hopes of retrieving Princess Fiona. All of this took place in Lord Farquaad's catle. Lord Farquaad Shrek interupts Farquaad breifing the knights on how to rescue Princess Fiona and bring her to him. He demands that he have the fairytale creatres leavehis swampforever. Farquaad orders the knights to kill him. The knights come forward to try and kill shrek. Shrek defeats all the knights and Farquaad realizes that making a deal with Shrek could benefit him. Here Shrek is promised his swamp if should he complete the quest of rescuing Fiona. He WILLINGLY accepts this offer. WILLING The Threshold Donkey, fairytales creatures, Farquaad's kingdom, and princesses are all part of Shrek's unknown world . It is not until the fairytales invade Shrek's swamp after Lord Farquaad sends them there that Shrek is introduced to the other creatures that exist. The first fairytale creature is a talking donkey named, Donkey. Donkey eventually becomes Shrek's closest friend even though at first Donkey is irritating and clingy. Shrek's Unknown World The boundry between the Known and Unknown World As soon as Shrek is introduced to the fairytale creatures and decides to take Farquaad up on his offer and try to rescue Princess Fiona, his unknown world is introduced. Once Shrek's isolation and privacy is gone, Shrek is forced to face thechallenges that come along with the unknown world Leap of Faith Shrek takes a leap of face as soon as he accepts the deal Farquaad proposes. This is because as he sets out to rescue Fiona he has no idea what to expect. He has no idea what the future holds and has barely any information about the outside world. Regardless of this, he chooses to trust that he will be able to deal with whatever lies ahead, no matter the physical and emotional challenges. Shrek's Unknown World Shrek Sees the massive amount of Fairytale creatures that he didnt know even existed. Shrek discovers Lord Farquaad and his Kingdom Shrek realizes there are castles surrounded by lava. He also learns that dragons and princesses exist. Gaurdian Shrek's gaurdian has always been his isolation from others and his need for privacy. By maintaining this all throughout his life, Shrek's unknown world and all the dangers that come along with it have been avoided. His solitary life allowed him to be protected from the ouside world's harsh view of him and his view of himself, until the day that he would be able to defend who he is. He is now able and willing to face the world in order to protect his property and discover his true self. -After accepting his quest, Shrek compares himself to an onion because they both have layers. He does this to explain that ogres are more complex. This goes to show that ogres do have unexpressed feelings and underlying intentions.After an ogre discovers more about his true self a layer can be shed. Sherk's gaurdian protected Shrek until he would be able to shed another layer and discover more about himself. Challenge1: Rescue and Escape From Dragon Gaurded Castle His attitude toward her is very negative and additionally, he is too controlling and very unfriendly causing her to demand explanations from him along the way. This slows them down. Finally, they all meet back up , but are forced to try and escape from the dragon. Here, Shrek's ingenuity and leadership begins to kicks in. He outsmarts the dragon and manages to carry both Fiona and Donkey to safety. In the end, it was a successful rescue because Shrek had done the seemingly impossible. Though this challenge was clearly physical, it was also very emotionally challenging because Shrek's insecurity about who he is, lead to Princess Fiona disliking him as well. Dragon attacks Donkey when the two split up Shrek is rude and unfriendly to Fiona due to unfamiliarity to chivalry and inability to communicate with others. Dragon attcks them all as they try to escape. Shrek out wits the Dragon and brings them all to safety. Challenge2: Defence Against the Robbers in the Forest Soon after escaping from the castle, Shrek and his helpers run into another challenge. A group of robbers attck them. Even though Fiona acts bitterly towards Shrek she joins the group effort to defeat the robbers. Shrek defeats them because he learns from the previous challenge and decides to work together with Donkey and Fiona. Eventually, all the robbers are beaten up and run away. This defeat strengthens the bonds between the three. Especially when Fiona helps Shrek remove the arrow that shot him. This is when the bitterness between them begins to change into something more. In this situation, two challenges have been overcome, defeating the robbers as well as eliminating some of the tension between Shrek and Fiona. Robber's arrive to take Princess Fiona Fiona helps fight off robbers Fiona helps remove arrow from Shrek Temptation3: Giving Up His Love For Fiona The next day Shrek brings Lord Farquaad to Princess Fiona bright and early that morning. Fiona has feelings for Shrek, but his actions to give her up so quickly makes her angry and more eager to leave. At this point he watches her go and gives into the temptation of letting his love for her go as well. He fails at this point, but by the end he decides to go after her. Shrek explains what he heard and hands her over to Farquaad Shrek lets Fiona go and lets her leave without telling her he loves her. Helpers She assists them when robbers try to harm her, Shrek, and Donkey. Also, she is always there to provide support and adivice for Shrek and Donkey. She helps Shrek to become more personnable and helps Donkey remain calm in panicky situations. She helps remove the arrow from Shrek and manages to get Donkey to calm down and get something that would help Sherk rather than cause more chaos. Dragon:
Originally Dragon is part of a challenge that Shrek and Donkey are forced to face, but in the end she is someone who helps defeat Lord Farquaad. She even eats Lord Farquaad to help allow Shrek and Fiona to be together. She mainly provided only physical support. Mentor Donkey: Donkey is more than just a helper because he is truely the one who motivates Shrek and supports him in all ways possible. He proves his loyalty at a time when Shrek really needed his help facing the outside world. He is the one that provides his wisdom and advice to Shrek regarding how to express his feelings to Fiona and how to see himself as the loving, kind creature he truely is.
Lord Farquaad's initial reaction is part of the emotional challenge of the abyss because he laughs at the idea of an ogre being with a princess and thinks it's ridiculous. Revelation:
By conquering the abyss Shrek is able to eliminate the wall that he created to isolate himself from others. He learns that just because he is an ogre doesn't mean he is incapable of loving someone and is unable to maintain friendships. He defeats the internal conflict and sheds another layer of the Symbolic onion. He realizes that he can love and that he can stand up for himself and get what he deserves. Transformation He learns to treat his friends like donkey and Dragon, as well as his lover, Fiona, with more respect. He expresses appriciation and true friendship. Briefly, he even expresses gratitude because over the course of the adventure he has learned how to interact with other creatures and realize how people really should be treated. He also achieves greater self esteem and has a better idea of self worth becauseof what he has accomplished. He needed to obtain greater self-knowledge so that he can be loved and successfully earn the respect of people and his friends.He has earned the respect of people who saw his actions at the wedding and realizes that true beauty comes from within. By learning this in the revelation, he is now transformed enough to not judge a person so quickly based on what they look like. Atonement:
The atonement is the pivotal moment when Fiona turns into an ogress at sundown during the wedding and is very upset because she sees herself as ugly. Shrek's atonement is displayed when he says that she is beautiful. This is because he loves her as a person(human) and now that he knows that she is an ogre he realizes that being an ogre doesn't mean he is not lovable. The fact that Fiona loved him even as she was a human taught him that love and friendship is not determined based on someone's looks. This resolves his inner conflict and makes him at "peace" with himself.He has now succeeded in resolving his internal conflict and tearing down the wall that he built up around himself that kept him isolated. He is now okay with who he is and is proud. This new perspective of himself and others is what allows him to be at one and achieve inner balance.He returns to the swamp and instead of banishing all the fairytale creature he allows them to participate in his wedding celebrations as well. Their presence still annoys him, but now Shrek is more accepting of others and is trying to maintain good relationships with them as well as with himself. Atonement The Gift:
The hero bestows his gift of creature tolerance and a more compassionate attitude towards human beings. He now tries to improve the lives of others instead of only his life. He does the most for Fiona in order to protect the happiness of the one he loves most. His gift is abstract because it is not something that can be seen litterally, it can only be felt by those who surround him. The Return:
The hero conquered the unnknown by learning to deal with and accept other creatures , and by learning about who he truely is. He learned that he does not need to be gaurded by the privacy and isolation that he once depended on. Now his unknown world has become part of his known world. He is proud of who he is and expresses his feelings correctly. Now fairytale creatures, inlcuding Donkey and Fiona are more respectful of Shrek's property and are less afraid of him, which allows him to make more friends, even if he doesn't necessarily want anymore. Creatures are no longer unaccepting of him because they are aware of the great deeds he can carry out and are more knowledgable about who he is. Here people see how loving Shrek can be and how kind an ogre truely can be. Here Shrek realizes that what is on the inside is what counts, and he expresses his atonement by telling Fiona she is beautiful. Here all of the fairytale creature are respecting Shrek and attending his wedding. Shrek expressing thanks and gratitude toward the fairytale creatures. It is at this point that the guards force the two apart and they try desperately to fight them off. From there, Dragon comes to the rescue and eats lord Farquaad. By doing so, she scares the guards eliminating the physical aspect of the abyss. He has learned that being an ogre doesn't determine what he can and can't do. He realizes that he does not need to isolate himself from the world and that he can have good relationships with other people. In order to successfully complete his task, Shrek and Donkey must cross a rickety bridge above bubbling hot lava, climb to the highest room in the tallest tower, and rescue princess Fiona, all while being chased by a dragon. This if the first challenge Shrek and Donkey face , therefore it was very unorganized and quite chaotic. The main obstacle of this challenge was Shrek's inability to work together with Donkey. They split up and from there things go downhill. Shrek then creates another obstacle through the way he deals with Fiona. Shrek is tempted to give up his love for Fiona over a misunderstanding and an internal conflict. The night before the trio reaches Farquaad's Kingdom, Shrek mishears Fiona saying, "how could someone ever love someone so ugly". Shrek automatically asumes she is referring to him and immediately looses his courage to profess his feelings to her. Princess Fiona:
Fiona is considered a helper because she assists the initiate in various ways. She helps Shrek open up and express himself more. She also assists in many of the physical challenges as well. Fiona is very skilled when it comes to using martial arts to defend her and her friends. ABYSS:
This is the most difficult challenge of all for Shrek
because he has to battle his fears, his emotions, and it forces him to fight for his life and love, all alone. It takes place at Lord Farquaad's castle as Shrek attempts to stop Fiona's wedding. This addresses Shrek's fear of rejection due to the creature that he is. For this reason he has to get over his fear of failure and profess his love to Fiona anyway. The abyss becomes physical as soon as Fiona admits she feels the same way. Lord Farquaad demands that Fiona return to the tower forever and Shrek is ordered to be killed. The revelation took place before Farquaad and Fiona's wedding when Donkey explains why he shouldn't giveup his love for Fiona. He realizes that he loves her enough that he does have enough dignity and pride to fight for her. He learns to accept people for who they are rather than what they look like and learns how to be a better person and friend. He discovers that he is just like everyone else, that he isn't a threat to everyone. Mor inportantly, he find out that he won't be rejected just because of what he looks like.
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