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The Comedy Kinds

By: Doc Jaques

Doc J

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of The Comedy Kinds

The Kinds of Comedy By: Doc Jaques Situational Comedy. Comedy in which the characters coincide with their environment.

Some examples are Scrubs, The Munsters, and Everybody Hates Chris.
Dramatic Comedy A balance of serious and comedic elements

Some examples of this are Boy Meets World, House, and My Name is Earl.

Some of the shows in this category have more serious than comedic episodes.
Verbal Comedy This involves puns which is a play on words.

Also involves Innuendos, which is an indirect hint towards something. Physical Comedy Also known as slapstick, uses the body to convey humor.

Usually involves some kind of violent act.

Loony Toons and The Three Stooges were 2 big shows that used this method. Satire A more witty form of comedy, usually found in literature.

Sarcasm is a form of satire.

An example in tv would be The Colbert Report. Black Humor A type of humor that uses more dark and sinister ways to convey the comedy.

Usually intended to shock or offend.

House M.D. is a good example.
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