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how to not be a bully

No description

Madalein McIlquham

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of how to not be a bully

how to not be a bully

ways you are a bully
Dont be a bully be a friend help make our contry a better place.
look at the ways you can be a bully but if you are doing these things DONT do this or you are being a bully.Not cool.
syber bulling
syber bulling is a way of bulling. syber bulling is when you call,email.or text a rude saying or an embarrising photo fo someone .
verbal bullies
verbal bullies are bullies who say things to hurt peoples feelings. examples of verbal bullies. you are ugly. you are stupid
physical bullies
physical bullies are bullies who use there body to threaten someone's body like there face
why do bullies do these things
bullies do these thingsto get attenchion also they can have problems at home or even at school
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