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Sam Buemi

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of Family

List 2-3 Reasons for Divorce
List 2-3 Reasons to Reduce Divorce
Caring for Children
Family Violence
Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse of one family member by another
Violent Institution
1/4 women victims
Women more likely injured by family members
Why does she go back?
Against children
Most Common form of abuse? see next slide.
Abusers are more likely to be women.
Ex: Spanking
Alternative Family Forms
Which Perspective best
explains this video?
high risk for poverty
Extra (Not Required)
New Reproductive Technologies
Domestic Violence: Resources & To Report:
Most Marriages
How and why do we choose who we choose?
“Sandwich Generations”
Empty Nest - children who left home.
Gay and lesbian couples
recent support
Increasing numbers of people are choosing to live alone.
Zoom to view (optional)
Major Traits of Marriage
1. Legal
2. Sexual Activity/Childbearing
3. Economic Cooperation
4. Material/emotional security
Why or why not?
Consider the topic on Deviance
In vitro fertilization
Reproductive technologies raised ethical questions.
Have helped some couples
How is it changing families?
Ethical Concerns?
Family Structures
Why is this an issue in American Society
Social institution of cooperative groups overseeing, bearing, and raising children.
and how they differ around the world.
·Apply sociology’s major
to family life.
in the family over the life course.
·Explain how
class, race, and gender
shape family life.
·Analyze the effects of
divorce, remarriage, and violence
on family life.
·Describe the
of family life in the United States.
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