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Linear Systems

Example of a Linear System

Darlene Ruiz Silva

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Linear Systems

How to solve a linear system
using elimination 1. Get your equations lined up Your equations should line up similarly to when you add or substract vertically.
x-y=3 After they are lined up, you can add or substract them together so that at least one variable cancels out.
2x=6 If you are worried about adding your equations together, remember you can only ever combine LIKE TERMS! x+y=3

The y on the bottom is negative, and cancels the positive y. The 2 x's are added normally, and your 3's are also added normally. Now you can solve like any other equation.
Simply divide by 2 on both sides, and you have your value for x. Finally, to get your y value, simply plug your x value in to either of your initial equations.
y=0 or x-y=3
y=0 Remember: You do not have to always cancel x out first! A video on what you just learned.
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