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Imperialism in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

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Riley Magiera

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

British in Burma and Malaya
Rulers of Burma clashed with British
British expanded eastward from India
suffered defeats
resisted British rule
annexed in 1886 by British
Europeans Colonize Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia commands sea lanes
European merchants move in
The area remains independent
Western Influence spreads
Dutch and British use modern technology to colonize Southeast Asia
Dutch East Indies Established
Dutch establish bases
Java and Moluccas "Spice Islands"
slowly expanded to dominate rest of Indies
produced coffee, indigo, spices
French Indochina Seized
Siam Survives
Siam (present day Thailand)
King Mongkut
didn't underestimate Western power
Studied foreign languages, math, and science
Was able to negotiate with West
Helped Siam modernize
The United States and the Philippines
-Spain imposes the catholic religion on Filipinos
Good for the church
Filipinos accused church of abuse
Lead to resistance of Spanish rule
Imperialism in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
Colonial Southeast Asia
Western Powers Seize the Pacific Islands
-Industrialized nations created ports on Pacific Islands
Whaling and Sealing ships needed supply ports
Missionaries introduce ideals of diplomacy
-Began in 1898
Cuba fights for independence from Spain
-American navy destroys Spanish fleet in Philippines
Filipinos decided to fight for own independence
America buys the rights to govern Philippines
Spanish-American War
Struggles in the Philippines
-Philippines wanted independence
rebellion springs up again
many die
-America crushes rebellion
modernization occurs
groomed country for self-rule
-American sugar growers wanted Hawaiian Islands
Queen Liliuokalani wanted less foreign influence
Overthrown in 1893
-Hawaii becomes annex of the US
Progress in Samoa
-America is allowed to build naval stations
Along with other countries
-Samoa is established as a triple protectorate
US, Germany, and Britain
Foreign Control
-Pacific Islands controlled by four nations
US, Britain, France, and Germany
-Suez Canal opens in 1860
Economic growth occurs
French built empire on Southeast Asian mainland
Portuguese trading center formed in Vietnam
Missionaries moved into Vietnam
Met with resistance
Rebellion crushed with estern help
French Indochina = mainland Southeast Asia
migrated to Southeast Asia
took advantage of economic opportunities
left China to escape hardship and turmoil
formed vital trade routes
controlled most of Southeast Asia
introduced modern technology
expanded commerce and industry
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