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1. Name and describe in your own words an earthquake event t

No description

talia glass

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of 1. Name and describe in your own words an earthquake event t

Earthquakes part2
1. Name and describe in your own words an earthquake event that occurred on your birth date.
no name, but it happened on 07/21/13. it was a magnitude 5.9 so to me it would be horrific.
2. In the past 30 days, where did the most significant earthquake occur?
63km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan. (7.7)
3. What plates were involved in the earthquake mentioned in #2?
the Eurasia, Arabia, and India plates.
4. When and where did the largest recorded earthquake occur in the US?
march 28, 1964, Prince William Sound, Alaska
5. Which earthquake cause the most damage to North Carolina?
the august 31, 1886 Charleston south corlina shock
6. Look at the list of the largest and deadliest earthquakes by year. What do you think these areas may have in common?
7. How many earthquakes have been recorded in the past ~24 hours? How many of those are in the US?
they all are close to or on fault lines and boundary
there are 7 in the u.s and 12 in the world
9. How can scientists tell where the earthquake occurred?
they use tools to hind were the earthquakes are.
10. What is an earthquake scientist called? Of all the different types, which do you think would be most interesting and why?
geophysicists, exploration geophysicists, you can travel and work with naiucher.
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