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Transportation by Rail by Shelby

No description

Karen Simmons

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Transportation by Rail by Shelby

Steam Engine Trains Thank you!!!!!! I hope you have had a great experience exploring transportation by rail.... Steam engines, Maglevs, and Monorails are all kinds of trains. There are more ways to travel than you think. by Shelby Transportation by Rail Steam trains are powered
by coal to produce fire that burns the water and creates steam. The steam makes the piston move. That makes the wheels turn and causes the train to move. Maglev Trains Chaga Chaga! Choo Choo! Monorails Monorails are all around the world. This train only needs one rail to travel from place to place. You can find monorails in places like Disney. You can also find them in Las Vegas, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; and Newark, New Jersey. Most monorails are found in Japan. A Maglev train is a train that floats on a track because the magnets are magnetically levitated above the track. This eliminates track friction and causes the train to go faster. A Maglev train can travel up to 311 MPH.
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