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A Brand New High School - FlipCon15 PreSession

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Brian Gervase

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of A Brand New High School - FlipCon15 PreSession

FlipCon15 Session PreWork
A Brand New High School

MHHS Social Studies
Meet Mr. Schum and the MHHS Social Studies Department
Questions being considered

How do you balance the need to have uniform policies while allowing for experimentation, growth, and change that inevitably occurs as teaching proficiency in a new environment increases?
How can school environments be established to promote continual innovation at both the teacher and student level?
How can technology be utilized to make learning more personal; not less?
What teacher competencies are important in a flipped/blended and mastery based school vs. a traditional one?

Mountain House High School opened its doors this past fall in 2014 to a community patiently waiting for 'their' school. Here is a great introduction to the school, the school leadership, the students and the pedagogy behind the curtains.
In the math department, lessons typically come from short videos with quick quiz followup. We use Canvas to provide students instant feedback on their understanding of the video lesson.
Students learn facts & skills self-paced
Here is a sample "task" a student accomplished that demonstrated their mastery of the skill.
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