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Federigo's Falcon

English Project 11/20/12

JacMaBriKa English

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Federigo's Falcon

Federigo's Falcon Literary Devices Irony Federigo had a falcon that he loved very much. Monna Giovanna's son became good friends with him. The boy in love with Federigo's falcon and wanted it for himself. When the young boy became sick, his mother asked if there was anything he wanted or needed. After she had asked the same question several times. he decided to tell her that if she were to get the falcon for him, he would feel better. When the mother heard this, she had faith that Federigo would give her the falcon. When she got to Federigo's house she told him that she would like to have dinner with him. Federigo was now poor because he has spent all his money. But he wanted to please her so he killed and cooked the falcon for Monna to eat. After the two ate, Monna explained to him that her son was ill and needed the falcon in order to feel better. Federigo began to cry at the request because he knew he killed the falcon. A few days later the boy died. Mood This ironic story makes the reader feel sympathy for Monna and her son. The reader wants Monna to acquire the falcon so the young boy feels better, but as it turns out; Monna and Federigo eat the falcon for dinner. The reader knows that if the young boy does not receive the falcon, then he will continue to be sick. "The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning."

http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/irony Quiz What did the boy say would make him feel better?
What did Federigo cook Monna for dinner?
Why didn't Monna's brothers want her to marry Federigo?
What does Federigo live on?
How did Federigo become poor?
Name one common aspect between Federigo's Falcon and the Gift of Magi?
Where was Giovanni Boccaccio born? (2 possible answers)
What inspired Giovanni Boccaccio to write the Decameron?
What are the two most prominent subjects in the tales of the Decameron?
What does "to console" mean? Quiz answers The falcon
A falcon
Because he was poor
A farm
He spent all his money on Monna
Issues of poverty/ love and sacrifice, or use of irony
Florence or Certaldo
The Black Death
Love or the corruption of the clergy
To comfort The Gift of the Magi The Gift of the Magi is a short story about a young, poor couple who were willing to give up what they valued most to make their loved one happy. The woman, Della, cut off and sold her beloved hair to pay for her husbands watch chain. However, earlier he had sold his watch to pay for combs for Della's hair. Comparisons •Both pieces showed irony.

•Both pieces dealt with people in poverty.

•Both works of literature had themes of love and sacrifice. •Both characters in Magi gave up something they valued greatly to make the person they love happy. Federigo gave up his beloved falcon to please the women he longed to be with. Contrasts •In The Gift of the Magi, the couple was together from the beginning. In Federigo’s Falcon, the man did it to get the girl.
•Frederigo had money in the beginning but went broke trying to impress the girl.
•In The Gift of the Magi, the couple was in poverty from the beginning.
•Federigo’s Falcon is a poem and The Gift of the Magi is a short story The Gift of the Magi
(Short film) (Only if there is time!) Form Federigo's Falcon is written as a poem. Tone and Voice Tone- ironic and sad, happy
Voice- eager and urging
The voice in Federigo’s Falcon creates this urgency and it’s what makes the reader keep looking for the next piece of the story. The story’s drama makes it a very good read and the way it is written keeps it interesting. The tone is what describes the feeling the author is trying to portray in his characters’ descriptions and surroundings. At first, it feels as though there is a bit of irony with how Federigo spent his money, which then turns to sadness when the falcon was killed, and eventually formed a happy tone when the two characters got married. Giovanni Boccaccio Basic Background 1313-1350- Born in Florence or Certaldo- He spent his boyhood with his father and at 14 he went to work as a clerk in a bank. Because he was adroit, he entered a university to become a lawyer, but due to economic difficulties, was later sent back to Florence. There he met Francesco Petrarch, “the great Italian poet,” who became a lifelong friend and literary advisor. Federigo's Falcon was formed In 1348 the Black Death struck his city, and killed 3 out of every 4 Florentianes. He abhorred walking out in the streets only to see swollen, reeking corpses with black splotches. This aberration in his life inspired him to write the Decameron, a hundred tales that deal with either utter love or the corruption of the clergy. It is said to be his finest work and has inspired many authors like William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, and John Milton. The story of Federigo’s Falcon is part of the Decameron. Middle Age Words -dire: extreme; desperate
-pawnable: able to be given as security in return for a loan of money or goods
-console: comfort
-reproached: expressed disapproval
-presumption: act of taking too much for granted THE END... Maria, Brittani, Kayelyn, Jacquelyn
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