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No description

Taylor Springsdorf

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Budgeting

Personal Finance Budgeting Budget Income Debt Practice Problems A estimate of income and expenses Money received; through regular income or investments. The state of owing money. What is an easy way people fall into debt? Tyler just bought a dinosaur zoo! (Yes they exist, it's 2050)! When not being chased by a T-Rex he owes 25% of his income for rent each month. His monthly income as a Paleontologist is $3,000. How much does he owe for rent? Expense The cost of an item or items. What is an example of an expense during a budget period? Savings The money a person or family has saved. What is liquid savings? Budget Record Form A document used when creating a budget plan. Practice Problems Brandon just bought Hollister for $1,000,000! When he isn't looking super fly he has to pay his factory workers every other week $300.00. How much will he pay them in a year? Practice Problems James just created the next hottest BMX bike on the market and it only costs $125.00! James gets 50% of the profit each time someone buys the bike. How much will he make each time someone buys a bike? Practice Problems Josh just became a professional football player after throwing a wicked winning touch down! They are going to offer him $5,000,000 a year. After looking at his options and being a great money manager, he decides he wants 45% of that to go into savings each year. How much will go into savings? Practice Problems Bob just became Hollywood's next big actor. He makes 500,000 per episode. He has to pay is acting manager 25% of his earnings each episode. How much will he owe him? Practice Problems Tim just schooled Mr. Springsdorf in a epic basketball game. He now gets 15 free points every game played each week for a year. How many points will he have gotten free at the end of the year. Practice Problems It is a miracle! Frank is now the inventor of new tennis balls that avoid hitting anyone no matter how hard you hit them with your tennis racket! Each tennis ball costs $10. This profits Frank $9,000 a month. He needs to set 40% a month for his rent and food. How much will this end up being?
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