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I Like him, He likes her

No description

Kyleigh Picha

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of I Like him, He likes her

Alice McKinley's freshman year doesn't start off as "lucky" as she hoped. When she loses her boyfriend to an outgoing girl named Penny, she tries her hardest to look at the birght side of things. There are worse things that could happen other than being single. At least she knows that she can count on her friends Pamela and Liz, or can she? Will her summer turn out as planned, or go the opposite direction?
About the Book
The point of view of this book is first person. This book is in the eyes of Alice McKinley, the main character. This is a realistic fiction book written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. The theme of this book is to show you that even when you life might not go as planned or the way you wanted it to, it can still be a good thing. The mood that this book gave me was mostly happy, surprised, and sometimes sad. The tone of this book in the authors eyes, I thought, was to surprise you, while at the same time giving you many different emotions.
This book takes place in a little town in the southern United States. Alice's family is sweet and lovely. They are always there for her even if her descions are the absolute best ones. Alice also takes a trip in the summer to Camp Overlook.
"Why is life so complicated...?"
"To keep us from being bored," he said pg.178

"Since no one really knows what or who God is or whether God is at all, why can't God just be hope?" pg.356
I really enjoyed this book. It had many different parts between good and bad feelings. i could also relate to the main character Alice in more ways then one which made the book even better to read. It gave many different details about each event which made it very interesting. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would also recommend this book to girls who are more mature and who like to read!(:
Main Characters
Alice McKinley (Main character)
Pamela (Alice's best friend)
Elizabeth (Alice's best friend)
Mr.McKinley (Alice's dad)
Aunt Sally (Alice's aunt)
Lester McKinley (Alice's older brother)
I Like him, He likes her
Personal Connection
I connected with more than one main character in more than one way. That's what made the book even more interesting to me. Just like Alice, I have had troubles with friends and not knowing where I fit in the best, but in the end, everything turns around. Alice also had some families problems throughout the whole book. I have also had different family problems too. Even though it wasn't the same type.
Her life is like a nightmare that never ends.
Patrick is like a bomb waiting to explode.
Alice and her friends had many sleepovers
Alice, Pamela, and Liz, volunteer at a kids cam over the summer.
The say they are all best friends forever, but are they?
By: Kyleigh Picha
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