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Ni Xiao

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of TEST

Non-activated & Activated Surface
Our Clients

Import/Export houses

Public health laboratories

Ministry of agriculture
Drug Residue Screening
Food Diagnostics
Established in 1982,
Randox emplys over 1000 people globally

ISO 13485 accredited manufacturer

Distribution agreements in > 130 countries
30% gross income reinvested into R&D

Clinical Diagnostics, Quality Assurance programmes
Drug Residue Testing Kits

accordance with 2002/657/EC

over 20 years experience in developing ELISA based technology
Revolutionising healthcare through continuously
improving diagnostics solutions
Food Diagnostics
Improving food diagnostic industry testing by reducing costs, analysis time and labour requirements while increasing productivity output

Providing high quality customer service and support
Cost effective food diagnostic testing
Private Laboratories

Food processing companies

Meat suppliers & abattoirs

Wineries & vineyards

Supermarket chains
Distribution Networks
Government Institutions & Laboratories
Honey Customers
Food & Beverages Customers

Biochip – A Multi-analyte testing Platform
Simultaneous semi-quantitative detection
One single sample
Competitive ELISA Principles-Discreet Test Regions (DTR’s)
Efficient, accurate and cost effective
Evidence Investigator

Biochip Array Technology

Typically a series of related residues are selected and grouped in an Array format
Potential for 23 targets present allowing for large scale screening

The Biochip
Conjugate - Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP) Enzyme
HRP label is used to generate the light reaction
Light signal inversely proportional to antigen concentration

Competitive Immunoassay Format







Veterinary Residue Investigator Package

6 Biochip Carriers
9 Biochips per Carrier
9 Multi-analyte Calibrators
CD including free software updates

Biochip Kit Contents

Simple Assay Protocol

1. apply buffers/calibrators/samples to biochip
2. incubated using the thermoshaker at a controlled temperature and agitation. addition of conjugate after 30 mins
3. simple wash procedure
4. apply signal and measure light output using the Evidence Investigator to obtain results
Results are processed automatically using dedicated software
- Investigator quantifies images using Relative Light Units (RLU)
- Light is generated by chemiluminescence 2 chemicals: Luminol and Peroxide generate light reaction
- Correction and Reference spot image validation
- Charge Coupled Device camera measures RLU output

Endpoint Measurement
Image Quantification

In this Example:
A sample that generates an Intensity (or RLU) of 5000 will indicate a concentration of ≈ 428.0 ng/ml.

A validated Calibration Curve is used to determine the concentration of each analyte from the Relative Light Unit at each Discrete Test Region.

Incurred Ractopamine Urine at 4.58ppb

Final Results Print-off
Example: Growth Promoter Rapid Urine Screen Array EV3521

Biochip Product Range

ELISA Product Range

Thanks For Listening
Any questions?
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