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change Blindness Prezi

No description

Carery Chen

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of change Blindness Prezi

Change Blindness Alex, Anna, Carry Similar to flickers
Contrasting shapes/objects placed all over picture except on changed areas
Attention disrupted by sudden vibrant distraction
Actual change not focused on
Mudsplash "change" noticed instead Flicker paradigm was created by Rensink, O’Re- gan, and Clark (1997)
Alternations between a modified and original image of the same scene.
A blank/ black interval placed between the slides
People failed to determine the changes in the two different photos Forground Background segregation Another method of determining change blindness
Background or foreground has distinctive features
Individuals notice changes more easily in one, but not both Example 2: Mudsplashes http://nivea.psycho.univ-paris5.fr/Mudsplash/Nature_Supp_Inf/Movies/traf.GIF Activity 1: Flicker Paradigm Visual Short term memory temporary storage
forgotten because it's irrelevant or not continuously reminded of.
Visual short term memory: remembering images and pictures (information received through eyes). Change Blindness Flicker Paradigm The inability to notice changes because attention is not focused on what was changed.

Possible mediums:
details The brain is the control system for our body. It controls our movements, thinking, and senses. Vision is a sense crucial to change blindness.

The visual cortex controls the information received through the eyes and processes it into a form that can be interpreted by the person. As a result, insignificant information, such as minor changes, may be missed by the person. Bonus Questions 1. Did you notice anyone's shirt changed?
what colour was it originally? Is change blindness good or bad? Disadvantages Advantages easy to miss important details
easy to mistaken or misidentify
can hurt yourself brain can filter out objects of minor significance
helps maintain attention to things that are more important GAME Which is the real canadian dime? Examples of Change Blindness change in a person or scene
methodical placement of objects/details
perceived actions in images
magic tricks/illusions
http://www.gocognitive.net/sites/default/files/change_blindness.v.0.93_0.swf Factors for Change Blindness Factors:

Age is a factor because as you grow older, your sight will get worse and your focus will dimmer down.

Attention level
loss of attentive stimulation = failure to detect differences.
only important aspects of an image will be noticed
the change can happen during an eye blink

Object presentation
Example: flashing lights
the rest of the image will attain less focus.
more likely to focus on the lights than still items. Where in the brain does this happen? Primary Visual Cortex Mudsplashes How do you perceive the world through change blindness? - Consciously unnoticed
- Experience
- Personal or others
- E.g. Experiment where a person is
swapped. Subject does not notice the
change; however change is obvious from
observer's perspective Forced Choice Detection Paradigm Two photos are shown simultaneously; change location(s) must be pointed out within a short period of time
Similar to the flicker paradigm; known as intentional change detection task
Participants know that they have to find a difference, but time adds pressure and focus is lost/unstable Visual Cognition The recognition of
visual word recognition
ST and LT memory
active vision http://www.myhappygames.com/game/30175/Hades-Spot-The-Difference.html http://www.gamesgames.com/game/Spot-the-Difference.html?gclid=CMLaiM2KrLYCFYpDMgodx0QAhA THE END Which is the real canadian 20 dollar bill? 2. Did any object change locations?
- What?
- Where was its original location? 3. Is there an image that should be there?
What? ↓ /
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