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Weddings in Kenya

No description

Kaitlyn Michaud

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Weddings in Kenya

Weddings in Kenya
Massai People
The Massai people grow up with kids their own age .
Women marry men who are much older than them .
The bride packs all her belongings and is dressed in her finest jewelry.
At the wedding ceremony the bride's father spits on her head and breasts as a blessing.
The bride walks with her husband to her new home without looking back, since there is the fear of turning into stone if she looks back.
Sometimes the women in the groom's family will insult the bride to ward off bad luck.
During the wedding, people usually eat boiled or roasted beef,goat, and mutton.
Swahili People
The Swahili people tattoo henna designs on the bride's limbs
The bride is also bathed in sandalwood oils.
A somo, or women elder, will teach the bride how to please her husband.
Funny Fact: Sometimes the somo will even hide under the bed in case there are any problems!
Weddings can go on for a week and are celebrated separate for men and women.
The weddings consist of singing, dancing, and food.
People eat rice cooked with coconut milk and served with tomato-based meat, bean, or vegetable stews, and sometimes fish chicken and goat meal.
After the "real" wedding. the bride is shown in public in a ceremony called the kupamba.
Christian Weddings in Kenya
Christian marriages in Kenya are similar to regular weddings, but both parties of the marriage must confess they believe in the Christian religion.
Christian marriages may also take place in a Kenyan church.

By: Andrew Chan, Jared Law, Jeremy Lin, and Kaitlyn Michaud
Wedding Traditions
A traditional Kenyan wedding will differ from culture to culture within the country.
These practices are what they're doing historically in Kenyan traditions when it came to weddings.
In today's modern world, things have changed but some practices may still be re-enacted for traditions' sake.
Usually there is a bride price. for the wedding.
People must also follow certain acts, laws, and receive a marriage license.
Some Kenyan weddings may also be similar to wedding is the U.S.
Brides and grooms will always wear expensive and beautiful clothing for the wedding.
During the wedding, people eat special and unique foods
Bride prices
The bride price is the amount of money or wealth the groom or his parents have to pay to the parents of the bride. Bride prices can include:
(Modern and mostly used) money
Different Peoples
Different people of Kenya have different customs.
This presentation will include:

The Massai People
The Sawhili People
The Samburu People
Samburu People
The Samburu People's wedding is a unique series of elaborate rituals.
Great importance is given to the preparation of gifts by the bridegroom (two goatskins, two copper earrings, a container for milk, a sheep) and of gifts for the ceremony.
After the rituals, the marriage is concluded when a bull enters a hut guarded by the bride's mother, and is killed.
The Kupamba
The Kupamba is the main and popular feature of the wedding of the Swahili people.
This happens at the night after the wedding.
It is basically a display of the bride.
It is also a party just for women.
The women take off their black veils to show off beautiful hair styles and dresses
A Kenyan Wedding Video
What We Learned
By doing this presentation, we learned:
Kenya wedding traditions differ from culture to culture.
Different people from Kenyan have unique wedding ceremonies.
Weddings usually have a bride price.
Brides and grooms always wear their best for the wedding.
There are Christian weddings that include God within the wedding.
Websites we used:
Thank you for listening to our presentation!
Wedding Clothing
Kenyan weddings can be hosted in:
beautiful hotels
Brides may wear:
pretty gowns
colorful dresses
Grooms will usually wear:
classy tuxedos
but may also wear 3 piece suits
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