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"The Most Dangerous Game" Pgs. 65-68

Project about short story in English 1 Hnrs.

Madison Oliver

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of "The Most Dangerous Game" Pgs. 65-68

The Most Dangerous Game Madison, Leanna, Hayley, Garrott, Matilda, Sarah, and Seth Summary In our group's pages, Rainsford has just fallen off his boat and has ended up on an island. He finds a huge house in the middle of a forest. There, he meets General Zaroff and Ivan. Over the course of a meal, General Zaroff and Rainsford have a very cultivated chat about hunting. Zaroff is very mysterious about what he hunts on the island. What could it possibly be? Pgs. 65-68 Setting During this part of the story, the setting takes place in the early 20th century at General Zaroff's house on the island. Inside, it is very fancy and sophisticated. They chat while eating borsche, a rich red soup, and sipping cocktails around a table. "The table appointments were of the finest--the linen, the crystal, the silver, and the china." Exposition General Zaroff and Ivan are introduced into the story. Rising Action General Zaroff and Rainsford chat about hunting. Zaroff hunts special game, but he is being very secretive about it. What could it be? Vocabulary Astrakhan- a fur made from the curly, wavy wool of young lambs from Astrakhan(a city in southwest Russia) Tibet- a region in central Asia
Cossack- a member of a southern Russia people, many of whom served as fierce cavalrymen under the Russian tsars.
Ganges- a river in northern India. Cosmopolite- a sophisticated person who can handle any situation well.
Crimea- regions in the southern part of the former Russian Empire, near the Black Sea.
Debacle in Russia… tsar- a reference to the 1917 Russian revolution, in which the emperor, Tsar Nicholas II, was violently overthrown.
Amenity- something that adds to one's comfort or convenience. Disarming: removing or overcoming suspicion; inspiring confidence.
Cultivated- refined or cultured in manner. Quotes of Literary Terms "In a cultivated voice marked by a slight accent that gave it added precision and deliberateness..."
"He found the general a most thoughtful and affable host, a true cosmopolitan."
These quotes show how the author develops the voice and character of General Zaroff. He is a very cultivated, sophisticated man. "But there was one small trait of the general's that made Rainsford uncomfortable. Whenever he looked up from his plate, he found the general studying him, appraising him narrowly."
This shows the theme of, "Don't trust strangers." Theme He uses the thoughts of the main character's, Rainsford's, to advance the theme.
"In his hands the man held a long-barreled revolver, and he was pointing it straight at Rainsford's heart."
"But there was one small trait of the general's that made Rainsford uncomfortable. Whenever he looked up from his plate, he found the general studying him, appraising him narrowly."
These show the theme of, "Don't trust strangers.".
The guy is clearly creepy and it tells me that I shouldn't walk into strangers' houses and have dinner with them. What would have happened if Rainsford never found Zaroff's house?
-would he survive the wilderness? or escape the island? Perhaps he would die of dehydration or drown trying to escape the island.
Would Zaroff have been so welcoming if Rainsford was not a famous hunter? or if Rainsford was not recognized by him?
- he could have easily killed him for trespassing his island. Questions to Think About: Foreshadowing "Perhaps," said General Zaroff, "you were surprised that I recognized your name. You see, I read all books on hunting published in English, French, and Russian. I have but one passion in my life, Mr. Rains. ford, and it is the hunt."
-General Zaroff This is foreshadowing because it hints at General Zaroff's knowledge of Rainsford's hunting experiences. As well as, his personal interest in hunting. Thus, leading the read into believing that he will explain more about his knowledge of both Rainsford's hunting and hunting it's self. "I had to invent a new animal to hunt," he said. -General Zaroff This is another example of foreshadowing because it hints at his new created animal. It sparks many questions as to how and what he created. Critical Questions What was Rainsford's reaction when he first saw Ivan and why?
- Rainsford's first impression of Ivan was that he was a large brutish man, He stood in the door with a revovler pointed at his heart.
" The first thing Rainsford's eyes discerned was the largest man Rainsford had ever seen--a gigantic creature, solidly made and black bearded to the waist. In his hand the man held a long-barreled revolver, and he was pointing it straight at Rainsford's heart."
-Excerpt from "The Most Dangerous Game"
What do you think would have happened if Rainsford did not find the house?
- If Rainsford had not of found the house he could have died, gotten lost on the island and killed, or excaped the island. It is possible that General Zaroff could have found him while hunting but one must hope that the great hunter, Rainsford, knew better than to go into a foreign forest without food, water, or protection. Haves and Have Nots
Rainsford and General Zaroff were "haves" because they were both upperclass, sophisticated hunters.
Ivan was a "have not" because he was following orders and serving General Zaroff.
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